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A Minimalist Approach to Anniversary Celebrations

Living a minimalist lifestyle usually involves simplicity but that doesn’t mean that anniversaries can’t be celebrated in style while being true to your minimalism. Choosing to do something less extravagant than many non-minimalistic couples would leaves plenty of great opportunities to make wonderful memories.

Picnic in the park – Putting together a wonderful picnic lunch or dinner of all your favorite summer foods is a great way to celebrate an anniversary. Find a peaceful spot in a park with lots of trees and grass to spread your picnic blanket out on. The two of you can relax and enjoy fresh air and nature at its best. Add a bottle of wine to your picnic basket so you can toast each other.

A day at the beach – While this is best done in warmer months it can be done in the winter too. A leisurely stroll along the beach, enjoying the fresh ocean air is not only relaxing but good for your overall health. If you can find a restaurant right on the seashore to have an intimate dinner for two it will be a nice way to finish off your evening.

Enjoy an evening at home – If you typically enjoy a very busy lifestyle and don’t get much time alone together maybe a quiet, romantic evening at home is the perfect way to celebrate your anniversary. Grab a couple of movies you both will enjoy, a bottle of wine, order in your favorite food or cook something simple but delicious so you don’t spend all day in the kitchen, and then settle down to a relaxing evening together. Sometimes doing nothing is the best fun ever when done together!

Give meaningful gifts – The meaning behind the gift is often of more value than the gift itself, so think of something that will mean a lot to your spouse on your anniversary. Dig out an old photograph of the two of you having fun together and have it framed to hang on the wall. Take your spouse somewhere they really enjoy going but haven’t been able to go for a long time.

Go exploring – Take a drive somewhere and each of you gets to choose whether you turn left, right or go straight ahead at each intersection. Don’t worry about where you end up. The point of the exercise is to explore areas you may never have never been before. Stop where and when you like. Take some snacks along with you and just drive until you don’t want to go any further. Then find a nearby restaurant to get something to eat at before heading back home.

Go bowling or miniature golfing – Both of these sports can be a lot of fun, particularly if you have never done either of them before. Lots of laughs can be had as you learn. Some friendly rivalry is part of the enjoyment as you both compete to win. Come up with a fun way for the winner to be rewarded.

Go out to breakfast – While a romantic dinner for two is the typical anniversary celebratory meal there is nothing preventing you from switching it to breakfast. Imagine jumping out of bed on a beautiful crisp morning, grabbing a quick shower (together even) and then going out to breakfast. While it may not seem as romantic as a candlelit dinner for two sharing a meal can be as romantic as you want to make it. Try sharing a plate and feeding each other. A quiet stroll in the fresh morning air will set you up for a wonderful day ahead.