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Choosing 46 Year Anniversary Gifts for Your Friends or Relatives

After the previous year’s festivities as you reached your 45th wedding anniversary milestone, it may seem a little pointless to make a big deal out of your 46 year anniversary. However no occasion is too small to celebrate, and another year of happy marriage deserves praise, shown by giving and receiving heartfelt and memorable 46 year anniversary gifts that will touch the heart of the recipients.

If it is you and your partner who are celebrating, take the time to reaffirm your love for each other, and say those meaningful things to each other that you so often forget to say after you have been married for 46 years.

If it is your friends or relatives who have reached this milestone, make sure that they know just how much they are loved and appreciated by surprising them with a gift that comes from the heart.

46 Year Anniversary Gifts Ideas



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Traditional Themes of the 46th Wedding Anniversary

red roseWhile the 45th wedding anniversary had a traditional theme associated with it, the 46th year of marriage has no such symbol. After the 20th wedding anniversary, the original list drawn up in 1937 only linked every 5th year with a material, leaving out the 46th wedding anniversary.

Today, however, new lists to appeal to modern couples have been created that associate every single year with a theme, and you can take inspiration from these suggestions to choose a gift that is especially appropriate.

The theme suggested for 46 year anniversary gift ideas is poetry, and this may help you to come up with a creative idea for your choice of 46 year anniversary gift for your loved ones.

Choosing Flowers as a 46 Year Anniversary Gift

Few things have inspired poets as much as love and flowers, so why not combine these ideas together in a gorgeous floral gift? The is nothing quite so romantic as a bouquet of stunning blossoms, and as there is no specific variety linked with the 46th wedding anniversary. Select any colors and varieties that you like and surprise your loved ones with a fantastic arrangement that will brighten up their lives and their home.

One long-lasting floral gift which is the perfect token of appreciation for the 46th wedding anniversary is a stunning 24 karat gold or pure silver dipped natural rose blossom. Specially selected for their individual beauty, each delightful bloom has been hand-picked and uniquely crafted by experts into an elegant and enduring memento of this happy and special occasion.

Poetry 46 Year Anniversary Gift Ideas

eternity_roseAs poetry is the theme of this anniversary year, you may wish to incorporate it somehow into your choice of 46 year anniversary gift.

The obvious idea is to present the happy couple with a book of meaningful poetry, perhaps based on a love theme to celebrate the anniversary occasion. If you can find a first edition, or a signed copy, this present would be even more memorable.

One wonderful suggestion for 46 year anniversary gifts that embody the poetry theme in an artistic manner is to choose a personalized wall plaque, piece of art, or embroidered cushion which depicts some famous lines of poetry. This pretty and elegant gift will impress the couple not only on the day of their anniversary, but also throughout the year, and whenever your present is seen it will call you fondly to mind.

Some of the finest poetry was written by William Shakespeare, who specialised in writing blank verse. As an anniversary present for your loved ones, why not arrange tickets for the special couple to attend a Shakespeare play and enjoy the beauty of his poetic language in a joint experience that they will cherish forever.

Surprise your loved ones with a framed poem that means something special to them as a couple. Perhaps a verse that sums up their relationship, some lines from a favorite poem, or poetic quotes from a movie or play that the happy pair have enjoyed – any of these would be meaningful and appropriate ideas which can adorn the marital home for many more years of blissful marriage.

If your loved ones like to write their own poetry, you could buy each of the pair their own beautiful notebook to jot down their feelings and emotions in poetry form. Your poetic loved ones will really appreciate receiving such a thoughtful and creative token of appreciation. Alternatively, if the special couple enjoy literature and writing, you could always book them onto a creative writing course at a local college. This joint experience will not only be fun for the couple, but will produce long-lasting memories and enduring mementoes of their 46 year anniversary.

Choosing a Poetry 46 Year Anniversary Gift for Him or for Her

There can be few more romantic presents when considering poetry 46 year anniversary gifts for her or for him than a piece of original poetry that you have written yourself. Take the time to let your creative juices flow and write down all the emotions of your heart. Remember that poetry does not have to rhyme, the most important thing is the expression of your feelings and deepest sentiments. Present your poem in a specially decorated box or as a ribbon-tied scroll to make a memorable token of love on this happy day, and surprise your husband or wife with such a beautiful gift that is truly heartfelt.

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