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Crystal or Watches? Ideas for 15 Year Wedding Anniversary Gifts

When it comes to celebrating a 15th wedding anniversary, the lists in common use give you two alternatives. Sparkling crystal if you’re thinking of being traditional. Or the gift of a watch if you’d rather be more modern. So which is the best to give, if you’re about to reach such a significant milestone, or know friends or relatives who are looking forward to such a momentous event? It’s really up to you, your budget and the feelings of the recipients. There is no etiquette to follow, and no hard and fast rules you must obey.

15 Year Anniversary Gifts Ideas



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Rose Heart Pendant

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Traditional 15th Wedding Anniversary Gifts That Truly Sparkle

Crystal is the symbol traditionally associated with a 15th wedding anniversary, and the gift of a crystal bowl, decanter, glasses or jewelry will really bring a sparkle to the anniversary couples eyes. This material has a particular shining beauty, and when you rub or tap a crystal glass the sound that resonates is magical. But crystal can encompass any number of gifts because salt and sugar are crystals too. Metals are crystals, and of course there’s the obvious crystal gemstone – a diamond. But diamonds feature as the symbol for other years too, so this anniversary you might want to stick with crystal in the traditional sense of the word. Or you might find your bank balance sorely lacking.
Examples of crystal gifts include:

  • Champagne flutes or wine glasses – with the obligatory tipple
  • Jewelry – a gift that your spouse can treasure forever
  • Vase – why not include the traditional flowers for a 15th anniversary, a bouquet of roses
  • Clock – ties in nicely with the modern alternative
  • Paperweight – personalised beautifully with the couples name and marriage date
  • Candlestick

Still on track for a gift made from crystal is a rose quartz crystal. Also known as the love stone, it is said that if you keep a piece of it under your pillow, your marriage will be filled with sparkle and love. And to make it an even better 15th anniversary gift, it is said that this particular crystal brings a feeling of love and self worth to the owner. And if she needs it, although you’ll be in trouble if you ever say it, it’s supposed to make a woman look younger.

Modern 15th Anniversary Gifts – Watches

15-years-and-countingThis sort of gift can be made more personal with the addition of an engraving on the back of the watch. You could also have a personal message, but don’t be too long winded, as there isn’t an awful lot of space. Viewed as a stand alone gift a watch doesn’t seem all that romantic, but you can always add a personal message in the presentation box.
Watches however, are a pretty good present, especially for the man in your life. After all it is really functional, a positive quality in any man’s eye. Buying the gift of a watch, will remind the wearer of the anniversary year it was given for. There are lots of styles to choose from, and it’s up to you how much you want to spend.
Perhaps for your wife, you could find one that is decorated with crystals, or diamonds. Although this kind of watch will only be worn on special occasions, every time she wears it her eyes will light up.

Gemstones Associated With 15th Wedding Anniversary Gifts

On several of our pages, we’ve given you details of the gemstones associated with certain anniversary years, and you’ll be pleased to know there’s one for a 15th wedding anniversary too. We’ve already mentioned that diamonds could be looked at as crystals, but there is another gemstone, and it’s the ruby.
This gemstone is second in hardness to diamonds, making it very appropriate for 15 wedded years. They are usually thought of as being just red, but actually range in color from orangey red to deep purple red. The more red a ruby, the more it is sought after. Hundreds of years ago it was thought that rubies allowed people to predict the future, but it has also been known to stop bleeding. If you wear a ruby on your left hand it is said to bring good luck.

Think out of the Box for Your 15th Wedding Anniversary Gifts

We’ve already looked at some of the traditional and modern symbols for a 15th wedding anniversary, and given you ideas based on the true sense of the words. But there are heaps of other unique or unusual 15th anniversary gifts just waiting for you to snap them up this year.


Optic crystal is used to make the lens in binoculars, so if your beloved is a twitcher (bird watcher), this will be the perfect gift. Or if you both enjoy the countryside, and never get to enjoy the view close up, this gift will make all your walks a pleasure.


The perfect addition to a budding photographer’s equipment would of course be a bang tidy camera. The lens are often made of optic crystal.

Spend some Time Away

Bought yourselves crystal glasses for your anniversary? Take yourself off for a few days, or why not make it fifteen? Treat yourselves to a tour of local vineyards, and take along your crystal glasses for the obligatory sampling. And there’s also Scotland to tour some famous whisky distilleries and the famous vineyards in California, France and Spain.

Crystal Caving

This one had us all wishing it was our 15th wedding anniversary, so we could enjoy such a fabulous and unusual present too. Throughout the world are caves that you can visit, known as crystal caves. The icicle like structures that adorn these crystal caves are a wonder to behold.

The Beauty of a 15th Anniversary Flower – the Rose

It’s no wonder the rose features in lists of suggested gifts for many anniversary celebrations. It comes in so many different colors, and is so commonly linked with love. Roses are beautiful, but nevertheless their appeal very quickly fades. A perfect alternative to a natural rose, is an Eternity Rose. Dipped in a precious metal, this rose will last for a lifetime, and still be exquisite enough to pass down to future generations

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