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Choosing Meaningful Engagement Gifts for a Special Couple

A engagement is a wonderfully happy time for both family and friends, and finding a meaningful engagement gift that shows how much the couple mean to you couldn’t be more important. For centuries, people have given gifts to celebrate a couple’s decision to marry throughout all countries, religions and cultures, and of course, there are many different customs and traditions surrounding this happy event. If you would like to include some of these ideas in your choice of engagement gifts you can feel free to do so, or alternatively come up with a more modern idea that will be truly meaningful to your loved ones.

Interesting Facts About Engagement

The Jewish culture brings many of its traditions to those that surround American engagements today. In the past, Jewish couples would have had two parts to their wedding ceremony, the first of which being a special formal ceremony of betrothal in which the couple would agree to promise themselves to each other forever.

The French word fiancier leads to the word fiance or fiancee that we use today. However, this part of the French language actually comes from the Latin word meaning faithful. The Romans also influenced the way we wear engagement rings, as they would place the ring to indicate marriage between a couple on the third finger of their left hand, believing that the vein that begins in this finger leads directly straight to the heart. The tradition of giving engagement rings in Europe did not actually become popular until the middle ages, when Maximilian I, the Holy Roman Emperor of the day, gave a beautiful ring to his wife-to-be as a token of their impending marriage.

In America, the average length of engagement for a couple lasts between 13 and 16 months, although 10% of couples wait for more than 2 years before tying the knot. In other countries however, the length of engagement can vary hugely, from decades in societies where parents betroth their children to each other while still in infancy, to other cultures where couples become engaged and married on the very same day.

Engagement Gifts Ideas



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Which Engagement Gifts Were Traditionally Given?

we are engagedAlthough many years ago engagements were only celebrated by the couple themselves surrounded by their closest family members, today this has changed considerably. Nowadays, most people hold an engagement party to enable all of their wider circle of family, friends and acquaintances to join in their joy and celebration. Traditionally, the gifts that would be given at this time would be primarily family trinkets and heirlooms, however today, this is very rarely the case. Often, the most popular gifts are those relating to the home that they couple will set up together.

Personalized Engagement Gifts Ideas

Personalized engagement gifts ideas are deeply personal and will form a lasting reminder of this special and unique event in a couple’s life together. Marking out this special occasion as a memorable event, personalized gifts given at this key time will take pride of place in the couple’s home for a lifetime, creating a talking point and sentimental heirloom that can be passed on through the generations.

There are all kinds of wonderful personalized engagement gifts that can be given to a celebrating couple. Embroidered gifts like cushions make a good choice, while engraved items like glasses, vases or decorative acrylic blocks will adorn their home and call the happy event to mind for a lifetime.

Selecting an Ideal Engagement Gift for Her

Perhaps you want to buy the lady in your life a different gift instead of an engagement ring, or you would like to buy her an elegant piece of jewelry to accompany this traditional token. Why not consider a stylish and unique real natural miniature rose, which has been picked at the height of its beauty, glazed by hand and trimmed with fine 24 karat gold? Your wife-to-be will love the craftsmanship of this stunning work of art and will be proud to wear it forever as a reminder of this special day.

Engagement Gifts for the Home

Engagement Gifts for the homePractical and useful gifts are always welcomed by couples who are setting up their very first home together. Choose from a great selection of beautiful bedding sets, decorative mug sets, attractive cutlery, a matching coasters and place mats set, or even a pair of elegant matching egg cups for a gift that the couple will really appreciate and use throughout their married life together.

As well as practical engagement gifts ideas, you could consider decorative ornaments or stylish accessories to make the couple’s home more appealing. A pretty statuette, a cut glass vase, or a beautiful silver-dipped rose would make a striking and meaningful engagement present that would be cherished by any couple and be displayed prominently in the marital home.