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Finding 9 Year Anniversary Gifts for Friends and Family

One year short of a decade, the 9th anniversary is a great cause for celebration for every couple. Help your friends and family to mark this key occasion by choosing wonderful 9 year anniversary gifts that convey a sense of appreciation and esteem to your loved ones.

A 9 year anniversary gift may not be as simple to find as those for other, more popularly known occasions such as the golden or silver weddings, because there are very few people who know which material is associated with this year of marriage. Those who like to seek out traditional 9 year anniversary gift ideas will be pleased to know that there is, in fact, several themes linked with the ninth anniversary, and they may want to adopt one or more of those into their present.

What is most important in choosing your gift is that you reveal your affection and admiration for your loved ones by selecting something that is really significant, acting as a memorable token of the day. Plan your surprise wisely and your friends and family members will be delighted with your choice.

9th Anniversary Gifts Ideas



Gold-Dipped Natural Rose

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Rose Heart Pendant

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Matched Set in 24k Gold Leaf Theme

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Gold-Dipped Golf Ball & Tee Set

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24 Karat Gold-Dipped Poker Cards

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Traditional Materials for 9 Year Anniversary Gifts

happy 9 yearsThe 9th wedding anniversary is associated with pottery and willow, two natural substances that each reveal a different facet of a marriage. Pottery was chosen to highlight the simplicity of a 9 year marriage, while willow is flexible – an essential characteristic in any successful union. Both these materials have been considered to be representative of the 9th anniversary since the 1930s, however in recent times, the modern interpretation of the list has replaced these substances with leather as the contemporary alternative. Any of these three types of gift would make wonderful presents for the celebrating couple on their special day, and long-lasting and memorable gifts can be found in any of these categories.

Meaningful Floral 9 Year Anniversary Gift Ideas

The beautiful poppy is the flower linked with the 9th wedding anniversary, and makes a gorgeous bouquet for the happy pair if you can source these blossoms. Alternatively, why not consider a display made up of beautiful blue blossoms. Lapis Lazuli is the color linked with the 9th year of marriage, and you can seek out flowers that capture the essence of this radiant blue and make up a beautiful arrangement that will bring joy and happiness to any couple.

Choosing Pottery 9th Anniversary Gifts

teapot-Pottery anniversary giftIf you would like to choose pottery gifts for your loved ones, there are some obvious choices. A pair of ceramic candleholders with gorgeous scented candles would be a romantic present for the couple to enjoy a lovely dinner for two by candlelight. A stylish tea set will never go amiss in the home of any couple who love beautiful trinkets, and will be used for many years to come.

Another excellent possibility is an artisan pottery vase in a pretty color or unusual shape or style. You could choose to have it personalized with the couple’s name and anniversary date as an extra special reminder of these happy times. An even more opulent touch would be to present a stunning glazed rose in bright blue along with the vase as a magnificent token of esteem. Each individually crafted rose has been hand-picked while at the height of its beauty and preserved forever in an intricate glaze, trimmed with 24 karat gold. Perfect for display in its prestigious leather case, a couple who love the beauty of art will adore this gift in all its natural splendor.

Willow 9 Year Anniversary Gifts

Although it may seem tricky to make willow gifts sound interesting and appealing, there are actually several options for you to select from that the happy couple will love. A classic willow picnic basket, packed with delicious gourmet treats for a romantic afternoon out for two, or an extravagantly carved willow rocking chair to adorn the marital home would be a fantastic choice, or for a simpler yet effective choice, why not go for a willow tree to be planted in the garden and enjoyed forever?

Choose a Leather 9 Year Anniversary Gift for Him

blue_pendantIf you are buying a 9 year anniversary gift for him, it can be hard to find inspiration for the man in your life. Leather makes both a relevant and practical choice. Durable and hard-wearing, your leather gift will last a lifetime as a token of your undying love, and is also a gift with masculine appeal. A funky leather braided bracelet can be worn every day as a reminder of your adoration, while a leather key fob can be personalized to mark out the event as truly special, and will call you to mind every time he opens his car. A smart leather belt, a pair of leather gloves, or even a gift certificate for a high-quality shoe store are all alternatives that he will really appreciate on this special day.

Jewelry 9 Year Anniversary Gifts for Her

With lapis lazuli being one of the key gemstones linked with this year of marriage, choosing jewelry 9 year anniversary gifts for her couldn’t be more simple. An elegant pair of earrings or a beautiful pendant in this brilliant blue stone makes a perfect and enduring memento of this anniversary, and can be worn for many more happy years of marriage. Alternatively, a piece of well-crafted jewelry featuring a poppy would make a wonderful present with a twist on the traditional.

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