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Choosing 33 Year Anniversary Gifts for Couples

Although the 33rd year of marriage may not seem like an occasion worthy of a major celebration, it is still a great time to reconnect with your spouse and reaffirm your feelings and the depths of your love. After 33 years of union, you may not say those special words “I love you” as often as you first did in the early days of your marriage, so your anniversary is the ideal chance to reconnect and to remind your partner of how much they are loved and appreciated.

If it is your friends or relatives who have reached the 33rd anniversary milestone, you can use this opportunity to show them how important they are in your life by giving 33 year anniversary gifts from the heart. Whether extravagant or simple, a meaningful token of esteem will mean the world to your loved ones and will assure them of how much they are loved.

33 Year Anniversary Gifts Ideas



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Rose Heart Pendant

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Gold-Dipped Golf Ball & Tee Set

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Themes and Symbols for the 33rd Anniversary Year

happy 33rd anniversaryAfter the 20th wedding anniversary, only every fifth year is assigned a material in the traditional lists of materials linked with each year of marriage drawn up in the 1930s. This means that the 33rd anniversary lacks a specific theme under the old system. However more recently new lists have been drawn up to appeal to the tastes of contemporary married couples, and in these more modern lists, the theme for the 33rd wedding anniversary is amethysts.

There are no specific flowers linked to the 33rd marital year, so if you wish to give flowers to your loved ones as a 33 year anniversary gift, you can choose any variety or color that you prefer. Whether cut flowers or potted plants ready for planting in a window box, planter or garden, floral gifts are always much appreciated and can reveal a secret message to the recipients in the language of flowers.

For a floral gift that will always look its best, why not surprise the happy couple with a beautiful purple glazed Eternity Rose. Reflecting the purple amethyst theme of this anniversary year, each gorgeous hand-picked natural blossom is decorated by hand with a stylish 24 karat gold trim and presented in a prestigious leather case perfect for displaying in any room of the marital home in pride for place for a lifetime.

Purple Themed 33 Year Anniversary Gift Ideas

If you cannot stretch to amethyst 33 year anniversary gift ideas, you could always opt for a purple themed gift instead to reflect the concept behind this anniversary year.

Purple homewares can be extremely stylish, whether in contemporary or classical styles, so feel free to select something that the recipients will find perfectly suited to their tastes. Whether you prefer to choose a purple vase, ornament or decorative plate, or you would like to select purple textiles for the marital home, your gift is sure to last a lifetime and will bring you to mind whenever they are seen.

Personalized purple cushions, embroidered with the couple’s anniversary date and names, or a hand-painted commemorative plaque in purple shades would also be a fantastically personal way to capture the theme of this special day.

Choosing Amethyst 33 Year Anniversary Gifts for Her

When selecting beautiful 33 year anniversary gifts for her, the obvious choice is some stylish amethyst jewelry. Whether she loves pendants, earrings or bracelets, there are plenty of different styles to select from, from extravagant pieces to more modest yet classical designs. She will love to wear these gorgeous and decorative items, and every time she wears them, she is sure to think fondly of you, and know that these gifts were given with heartfelt love after 33 years of happy marriage. Alternatively, you could choose to go with the purple theme and present her with a stylish purple scarf, top or handbag.

Finding an Appropriate 33 Year Anniversary Gift for Him

If you are looking for a meaningful and significant 33 year anniversary gift for him, you may like to go down the route of choosing an amethyst gift. Amethyst cufflinks or tie pins are stylish accessories that any man of fashion will love to wear. If your husband is not the jewelry wearing type, why not go for something in purple instead? A smart purple tie or shirt, a purple waistcoat or perhaps a purple scarf would all be fashionable options that he is sure to appreciate.
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Facts About Amethysts

Amethysts are a wonderful purple colored gemstone that is a variety of quartz. Its name comes from ancient Greek and in translation it means “intoxicated” as the stone was believed to act as a protector for the wearer from drunkenness. Amethysts can be found in all colors from a very pale lilac to a vibrant deep shade. They are found in many places all over the world, however some of the finest have been discovered in Siberia, Brazil, Sri Lanka and countries in the Far East. It has a long history, having been used by the Ancient Egyptians and ancient Greeks. These pretty gemstones are also culturally important to the Tibetan people as they are considered to be sacred to the Buddha. Although until the 18th century amethysts were considered to be one of the most valuable jewels to possess, once large amounts of them were discovered in Brazil, their value dropped significantly. Nevertheless, they are still popular to decorate jewelry all over the world thanks to their radiant beauty.


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