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28 Year Anniversary Gifts for Families and Friends

28 years of marriage may seem like a bit of a no-man’s-land between the excitement of the 25th wedding anniversary and the milestone of the 30th. However it is still an important time in the lives of any couple, and should be an opportunity for celebration and joy. Every marital year marks an achievement in the journey of a marriage, and is the ideal time for loves ones to gather round and demonstrate their love and affection.

Choosing 28 year anniversary gifts that are meaningful and significant can seem tricky. After so many years, it can be hard to find something that you have never given before, and yet the need to find something unique and individual that conveys a message of esteem to your loved ones is as important as ever. If you take the time to find out more about this anniversary year, you will find that there are themes connected with this anniversary year that can help you to choose a gift with a symbolic touch.

28 Year Anniversary Gifts Ideas



Gold-Dipped Natural Rose

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Rose Heart Pendant

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Matched Set in 24k Gold Leaf Theme

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Gold-Dipped Golf Ball & Tee Set

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24 Karat Gold-Dipped Poker Cards

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Themes and Symbols for the 28th Anniversary Year

a true love story never endsThere are no traditional symbols linked with the 28th year of marriage as after the silver wedding anniversary commemorating 25 years of union, only every fifth year is associated historically with a particular material.

However in more modern times, there have been contemporary lists drawn up that link different themes with every year of marriage from 1 to 100. In these up to date versions, the 28th wedding anniversary is linked with the theme of orchids.

This makes purchasing symbolic and meaningful gifts much easier for your family and friends on this special occasion as orchids or orchid themed gifts are easy to find.

Facts About Orchids

The colorful and beautiful blossoms of an orchid are easily recognizable, and they belong to a large family of plants which is one of the largest plant families in existence. Orchids have the origins millions of years ago, in fact there is evidence that they were around 20 million years ago. They are found all over the world, except in glaciers, and can grow on all kinds of surfaces, even in rocky habitats. They are frequently used to make perfume fragrances, traditional medicines and in cooking. Vanilla pods come from a variety of orchid, while the tubers of other varieties have been traditionally eaten by the Aboriginal people for generations. Orchids are often considered to have a cultural significance, and are the national flowers of several countries including Venezuela, Columbia and Singapore.

Orchids as 28 Year Anniversary Gift Ideas

eternity_roseIf you would like to give your loved ones a 28 year wedding anniversary gift that incorporates the orchid theme, you could always present them with a beautiful living orchid to tend and nurture and allow to flourish just like their 28 year long love. Orchids are easy to find and are available in a huge range of colors and varieties, although they can be difficult to look after.

If your loved ones lack the green fingers necessary to help a living orchid to grow, why not give them a floral gift that will last a lifetime? Capturing the range of gorgeous colors of an orchid in a different variety of flower, a gorgeous glazed natural rose makes a stunning and vibrant gift to grace any happy couple’s home. Hand-picked and crafted into a striking work of art, each unique blossom is presented in its own stylish leather display case ready to be cherished forever.

Arranging a Vacation as a 28 Year Anniversary Present

For an extravagant and wonderful way to capture the orchid theme into your 28 year anniversary gift ideas, you could always arrange for your loved ones to experience a vacation in one of the countries that has adopted the orchid as its national flower. Singapore is a popular vacation destination and features the Vanda Miss Joaquim orchid as its national symbol. With a wealth of luxury hotels and fabulous attractions, the happy couple could even pay a visit to the National Orchid Garden in the Singapore Botanic Gardens, a World Heritage Site for an even stronger connection to the theme of this anniversary year.

Selecting a 28 Year Anniversary Gift for Him

anniversary gifts ideas for herIf you would like to embrace the orchid theme into your 28 year anniversary gift for him, you may find it tricky to find a present that he will appreciate. However, if your husband likes an unusual novelty idea, you could always select for him a Name An Orchid gift pack, enabling him to grow and name his own orchid tree. There are few other gifts which are as long lasting and unusual.

Significant 28 Year Anniversary Gifts for Her

Finding meaningful 28 year anniversary gifts for her need not be as difficult as it seems, even if she does not seem terribly keen on growing her own orchids. It is possible to find orchid themed jewelry that she is sure to appreciate. Earrings or a pendant that feature this lovely flower will be worn for many years to come and will bring you often to mind. Alternatively, an item of clothing with a floral orchid pattern such as a scarf or t shirt would be another clever way to embrace the orchid theme. Another possible idea is a jewelry box that features images of orchids on the lid inside which you could hide some pretty orchid themed jewelry.


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