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Choosing a 4 Year Anniversary Gift

If you are choosing a 4 year anniversary gift for your friends or family members, you will be searching for something memorable and beautiful to mark the special day. Although some of the anniversary years are known to be linked with a specific theme, such as gold for the 50th year or rubies for the 40th, the 4th year anniversary is traditionally linked with fruit and flowers, although modern times have linked linen and silk with this special day. You can feel free to incorporate any of these themes into your choice of 4th wedding anniversary gift for a lovely and symbolic present that your loved ones will cherish.

Traditions Behind the 4th Wedding Anniversary

The traditional themes of flowers and fruit have an ancient history and represent hopes for the fertility of the couple. Giving a present of flowers or fruit is expressing good wishes for the married pair to produce healthy children and enjoy many more fruitful years of marriage. Although these themes give rise to many wonderful 4 year anniversary gift ideas, some people prefer to use the modern 4th wedding anniversary gift themes of linen or silk as the inspiration for their present.

4th Anniversary Gifts Ideas



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Rose Heart Pendant

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Great Ideas for a Fruit Related 4 Year Anniversary Gift

If you are hoping to give a traditional 4 year anniversary gift to your loved ones using the theme of fruit, you could opt for a beautiful fruit basket. Incorporating a range of fruits, both commonly found and exotic, presented in an attractive, embellished basket, this would be a lovely way to mark this special occasion.

Another excellent fruit gift is an attractive box of chocolate or yogurt dipped strawberries. You can purchase these in a store, or even make them yourself at home. These luxurious and delicious treats will be enjoyed by the celebrating couple, and when presented with a bottle of champagne, the gift becomes even more indulgent and romantic.

Flowers for the 4th Wedding Anniversary

four fantastic yearsFlowers are a simple yet truly effective gift that any couple would really appreciate. From a delicate floral arrangement to a lavish bouquet, there are options to suit all budgets. Cut flowers always looks elegant and brighten up any home. Often, florists will add optional extras for couples celebrating their anniversary, including pretty accessories, decorative ribbons, or add-ons like teddy bears or bottles of wine.

The traditional colors associated with the 4th wedding anniversary are blue and green, so you could opt for a beautiful bouquet that features blooms in these two colors. Striking blossoms such as blue roses, hydrangeas, delphiniums and irises look wonderful when combined in one glorious display.

The two flowers most associated with the fourth wedding anniversary are the hydrangea and the geranium, so what better and more symbolic gift to give than a beautiful bouquet using these special blooms?

Rather than giving a bouquet, you could give a potted flower to a couple that enjoy gardening. Green-fingered pairs will love to plant their anniversary blossom in a planter or garden and watch it flourish in just the same way as their marriage.

If you would like to choose a blue flower that will create a longer lasting reminder of this special event, why not choose a blue glazed rose? Each uniquely crafted by hand into a work of art using a real natural rose, these stylish and opulent gifts are presented in a prestigious leather case so that they can be displayed in pride of place for years to come.

Interesting Silk Anniversary Gifts

rose-for-herIf you choose to go for the more modern theme of silk for the special couple’s 4th anniversary, you may need inspiration for exciting silk anniversary gifts. There are few fabrics more luxurious and high-quality than silk, and there is a wealth of gorgeous silk anniversary gifts that you can select from for the lucky couple.

A gentleman will truly appreciate a stylish silk tie, while a lady will love a beautifully crafted silk scarf. Why not buy them these in matching colors, perhaps blue, which will then incorporate two of the themes of this key milestone?

If you would prefer not to purchase individual presents but would prefer a couples gift, some prestigious silk bedding would be an excellent idea, or a lovely silk covered cushion. It is possible to personalize both of these items with the couple’s names or initials and the date of their anniversary for a truly personal touch.

Exciting Linen Anniversary Gift Ideas

Linen is another modern theme associated with the fourth wedding anniversary, so if you choose to go for this theme, you could choose an elegant tablecloth with matching napkins to grace the couple’s table. This gift is infinitely practical and will bring the giver to mind every time the tablecloth is used, whether for everyday use or only on special occasions.

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