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Choosing 35 Year Anniversary Gifts for Your Loved Ones

The 35th wedding anniversary is a major milestone in your marriage. Three and a half decades of union have gone by and by now, you are well and truly familiar with each other’s way of thinking! It should be easier than ever to find meaningful 35 year anniversary gifts for your spouse after so many years together, however it can often get more difficult as time goes by, and you may feel that you have already bought your partner every possible gift!

Finding out more about the themes and symbols associated with the 35th wedding anniversary will help you to source significant gifts for your other half at this special time in your life, and you can really impress your husband or wife with a present that will truly touch their heart.

Themes and Symbols for the 35th Anniversary Year

The traditional lists that link symbols and materials with each year of marriage from 1937 considered 35 years of marriage to be a milestone year, and therefore linked it with a specific material – coral.

Today, coral is considered to be inappropriate due to ecological reasons, and therefore in the more modern lists that have been drawn up in recent times, a different material has been assigned to the 35th anniversary year – jade.

Either of these themes would make excellent gifts for couples celebrating their 35th year of marriage, or you could opt for a floral gift. The lily has been linked with this anniversary year, and would make a beautiful token of esteem for any happy pair.

35 Year Anniversary Gifts Ideas



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Facts About Coral and Jade

coral wedding anniversaryMany people are unaware that coral is a living thing – they are marine invertebrates that live in clusters called colonies. They build reefs like The Great Barrier Reef, and can be found in seas all over the world, including as far afield as Scotland, Australia and off the coast of Washington State. Coral is now under threat because of mining, pollution and over-fishing. Already 10% of the world’s coral reefs have been destroyed and half of the remainder are considered to be endangered. As a response to this, many countries have now forbidden the removal of coral from reefs in their seas.

Jade is a beautiful and ornamental rock, ideal for carving and producing decorative objects. It has been in use since prehistoric times and has been used for such diverse purposes as making knives and tools.

In the Far East, jade has long had a special significance, and was considered to be as valuable as gold or diamonds. In China it was used to make items for the emperor, and to manufacture both everyday and ceremonial objects.

Choose a Coral 35 Year Anniversary Gift

Although in 1937, when the original official lists were drawn up linking each marital year with a specific material, coral was considered to be an everyday decorative substance, used in making jewellery and ornamental items. Today, because of the endangered nature of the coral reefs, it is no longer considered to be acceptable to give real coral as a gift, however it is possible to find artificial coral which is just as beautiful as the real thing and makes equally gorgeous jewellery or ornaments.

Jade Themed 35 Year Anniversary Gift Ideas

Jade is a particularly beautiful stone, perfect for producing stunning ornaments that make an excellent 35 year anniversary gift. Find a traditional Eastern themed statue to be displayed in pride of place in the couple’s home as a lasting memento of this anniversary year, or a more contemporary animal shaped figurine that wonderfully captures this year’s theme.

Alternatively, embody the beautiful green of jade in a long-lasting floral gift. A stunning green glazed Eternity Rose, trimmed with lavish 24 karat gold edging makes a thoughtful and magnificent present for any 35 year anniversary couple, its unique and artistic appeal making for an eternal reminder of this once in a lifetime occasion.

A jade serving tray or vase would be both a functional and beautifully ornamental 35 year anniversary gift idea. Displayed in pride of place in the home, every time your gift is used, it will bring you fondly to the minds of the recipients, and will be treasured for many more happily married years to come.

Finding a 35 Year Anniversary Gift for Him

When you need to find a themed 35 year anniversary gift for him, you might want to consider one of the many jade 35 year anniversary gift ideas for men. Jade cufflinks are available in a range of style and shapes and look fabulous with any outfit, while a jade handled pocket knife would be much appreciated by an outdoor activities enthusiast. A jade keyring will make the occasion memorable every time he reaches for his keys, while a jade men’s pendant or bracelet will be perfect for a fashion conscious husband. If your husband has a passion for golf, it is even possible to find a set of jade golf tees!

Choosing 35 Year Anniversary Gifts for Her

Either artificial coral or jade jewellery are some of the best ideas for 35 year anniversary gifts for her. Stunning bracelets, pendants and earrings fashioned from the beautiful green stone, or from vibrant red artificial coral would be ideal for the jewellery loving wife. Alternatively, an intricately carved jade trinket box to hold her favorite items would be much appreciated on this special occasion.

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