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Anniversary Celebration Idea: Relive Your First Date

With anniversaries being a time to celebrate important milestones in a couple’s life, with each passing year it can become more difficult to come up with unique and fun ways to spend the day and night. One of the fun ways a couple can celebrate their wedding anniversary is to relive their very first date.

First dates can be awkward or they can be the stuff that great memories are made of. Whether a couple found their first date to be less than ideal or one that they will remember for the rest of their lives it is certain that there were aspects of it that were worth reliving. After all, the first date led to many years of married life together and therefore is a moment in time that has probably been discussed many times over the years.

While reliving the first date should be as true to the original as it can be this is not always possible. Depending upon how many years have passed it is likely that special places may no longer exist. Perhaps that movie theater you went to on that first date many years ago has now been turned into a mall, or that restaurant where you enjoyed eating Chinese food together is now serving Indian cuisine. The aim is to try and recreate as much of the fun and exciting atmosphere that existed on that first date. Perhaps the movie theater is no longer in existence but a couple could try and find another theater that is playing the same movie, or rent the movie to watch at home. If Indian cuisine is not something neither of the couple enjoy, find another Chinese restaurant nearby or try recreating the food eaten on that first date and eat at home.

Recreating your first date is a fun opportunity to dress up in the styles of the times. A look around some of the local thrift stores is likely to turn up something similar to what was worn on that night or alternatively the clothing worn could be custom made. Hair styles don’t have to be exact and wigs can be rented if necessary. Costume stores may have all that is needed for a couple to take a trip down memory lane in similar clothing to what was worn on their first date.

When far away from the place your first date occurred couples may have to work harder to recreate those first exciting hours spent together, but this should not deter them from doing the best they can with the circumstances they currently have. The idea is to relive as much of the date as you can without all the nervousness, clammy hands and the fear that this will be the first and last date. When your date for this recreation of the first date is the man or woman the person is married to all of those fears are unfounded.

Chances are that the first date ended with a hug or if lucky a kiss but when a married couple reach the end moments of a first date recreation the night doesn’t have to be over. How the rest of the night is celebrated is one of the fun aspects of reliving that first date. Waking up together in the morning after a wonderful anniversary celebratory reenactment of the first date will give the couple something to smile and talk about for days to come.

First date wasn’t such a runaway success? Remember that something special did happen that night because it resulted in a lifelong commitment to each other, and that alone is worth celebrating year after year.