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5 Year Anniversary Gifts – for Him and For Her

Whether you go traditional or stick with the modern, choosing the most superb 5 year anniversary gift can be a nightmare. You’ve been successfully coming up with new ideas every year, but this year you’ve hit a brick wall. Or should we say the truck of a tree, bearing in mind that the symbol for a 5th wedding anniversary is actually wood. When you first start thinking about a gift made from wood, all that pops into your head is a table and chairs, chopping board, or wooden picture frame. But that won’t cut the mustard for the love of your life. We hope to give you a little inspiration, and make your gift quest a little easier.

5 Year Anniversary Gifts Ideas



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Wood or Silverware – 5 Year Anniversary Gift Ideas

The symbols associated with a 5th wedding anniversary are wood and silverware. Along with the daisy, and the gemstone Rose Quartz. When it comes to finding the perfect wedding anniversary gift, the lists that are commonly used are only there as a guideline. There’s nothing set in stone to say that you have to follow their suggestions. On the contrary, it’s entirely up to you what you buy for your partner. But the symbols that feature in these popular gift lists are there for a reason.

  • Wood – wood is used to symbolise 5 years of marriage because it represents a strong and solid relationship. Many years ago, trees signified wisdom and strength. A couple who have been married for 5 years should have developed deep and strong roots, just like an oak tree. In your relationship you would have gained an understanding, honed by the experiences of the last five years. As a couple you will have learned one of the most important qualities of a successful marriage – forgiveness.
  • Silverware – the modern alternative used to symbolise 5 years of marriage is silverware. It is said that silverware has been chosen as the symbol because it serves as a reminder of the connection you’ve nurtured while eating together. Not just you and your wife, but with your children too.

5 Year Wedding Anniversary Gifts for Her Made From Wood


  • Clock – how about a magnificent grandfather clock to grace the hallway? Or a wooden clock to take pride of place on the mantel?
  • Picture frame – decorative or plain, this gift can be taken up a notch with a memorable photo.
  • Statue – see if you can find a sentimental statue, such as two lovers sharing an embrace.
  • Personalised planter – if your wife has green fingers give her a personalised planter, either one small enough to fit on the window sill, or something larger to stay outside.
  • A Rustic vase made from Birch wood – filled of course with some carved wooden flowers
  • A keepsake box – for her to fill with memories. And perhaps you can start the ball rolling with a few mementos of your own. A picture from your wedding day, and any special photos you can find of some memorable occasions.
  • A gift heart box – personalised with both your initials and the year you were wed. You can find them in many different sizes, so find one that will be big enough to contain her special trinkets.
  • Personalised love blocks – we thought this was one of the sweetest ideas we found, and a perfect way to tell your wife how you feel. A collection of wooden blocks each with their own personal love message. Say what you want printed and it will be done.

A 5 Year Anniversary Gift for Him Made From Wood

  • Personalised keyring – so he never forgets your special day, give him a keyring marked with the date he would be wise to remember.
  • Organiser tray – give your man an attractive place to keep all his bits and pieces. No more waiting at the door, while he rummages around trying to find his keys.
  • Cufflinks – bet you didn’t realise you can actually buy cufflinks made from wood. And quite attractive they are too.
  • Garden shed – treat the gardener to his very own potting shed, all made from wood of course
  • Plant a tree – plant a tree together and you can watch it grow alongside your marriage.
  • Chess set – there are some beautiful and unusual carved wooden chess sets available to buy. Some even feature certain characters, such as those from Lord of the Rings, or Star Wars.
  • Ping pong table – a great addition for his man cave.



Say Happy Fifth Anniversary with a Gift of Flowers

5th-anniversary-celebrationThe daisy is the chosen flower for a fifth wedding anniversary. And the reason being its typical structure. The petals of a daisy radiate out from the middle. The center of a daisy represents the passionate bond between a married couple, and all the experiences that they’ve shared. Each of the petals are delicate but strong, symbolising how the couple will grow and expand their feelings for each other. The daisy also stands for fidelity. While a daisy may be a simple flower, its beauty shines if you’re prepared to look closely. As with any kind of flower as a gift, you can choose to buy a extravagant bouquet, a single bloom or give the gift of a living flower. And if your anniversary is at the right time of the year, why not pop out into the garden and make your wife a daisy chain?

So You’ve Been Married for 5 Years – What’s Next on the Agenda?

Well five years is a long time when you’re looking at modern marriages. A sad fact today is that as many as 50% of marriages are doomed to fail. In today’s throwaway world, marriage and relationships seem to be going the same way as many other things. It’s all to easy to throw things away when they start going wrong, without investing any time and effort in putting them right. Things are looking good for you because you’ve found the strength, courage and love to keep your relationship alive. Growing on a daily basis, and looking all set to last for many more years to come. We sincerely wish you all the best if you’re about to celebrate your 5th wedding anniversary.

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