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Finding Heartfelt 40th Wedding Anniversary Gifts

Choosing heartfelt 40th wedding anniversary gifts is the ideal way to show your loved ones how much you mean to them. The 40th wedding anniversary is known traditionally as the ruby wedding and is a huge milestone in the married life of any couple. A love that endures through forty years of ups and downs should truly be celebrated and applauded, so choosing just the right gift for your parents, grandparents, or friends who have reached this important occasion is paramount.

Any anniversary gift should be something that you know will be significant to the special couple, but 40th anniversary gifts should be especially meaningful, revealing a message of appreciation and esteem to the happy couple. The more thoughtful consideration you put into picking the ideal gift for the recipients, the more your affection will shine through, and whether it be a luxurious token or an inexpensive trinket, its heartfelt sentiments will mean the world to your loved ones.

40 Year Anniversary Gifts Ideas



Gold-Dipped Natural Rose

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Rose Heart Pendant

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Matched Set in 24k Gold Leaf Theme

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golf ball

Gold-Dipped Golf Ball & Tee Set

  • dipped in 24k gold
  • a genuine tournament golf ball and tee with pure gold
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24 Karat Gold-Dipped Poker Cards

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The Traditions of 40th Anniversary Gifts

40th wedding anniversary giftsThe 40th wedding anniversary is one of the main traditional anniversary celebrations that is widely known throughout the USA. Ranking up there with the silver and golden weddings, the ruby wedding anniversary is generally regarded as one of the major causes for celebration in a married couple’s life, and is generally heralded with a family party and commemorative gifts.

Although the ruby wedding is well known as a major milestone today, it may surprise you to know that this event was not widely celebrated until 1937, when the American National Retail Jeweler Association issued a list of materials associated with each year of marriage in a massive marketing campaign. Before this time, only a few key years were celebrated including the 1st, 5th, 10th, 15th and 20th as well as the silver, golden and platinum anniversaries.

In general, the longer a couple remains married, the more luxurious the material associated with the year. 40 years of marriage is a long time, and the ruby is one of the most precious gems available. Also, the red fire of the ruby is thought to represent the fire that endures in the hearts of any long-married couple.

Interesting Facts About Rubies

You probably haven’t thought much about rubies before, however there are several fascinating facts about them that may be of interest to anyone celebrating their ruby wedding anniversary. Rubies have long been considered to be a precious commodity, and as long ago as 200 BC, they were being transported along the North Silk Road of China to be traded. In Asian cultures, rubies are considered to be extremely valuable, and they have often been used throughout history to decorate armor and weaponry. They have even been found placed in the foundations of buildings to bring luck. Apart from diamonds, rubies are the most valuable gemstones in the world, with the Sunrise Ruby having been sold at auction in May 2015 for the vast sum of $30 million!

Traditional 40th Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas

Traditionally, a husband would present his wife with a beautiful gift of ruby studded jewelry on the occasion of their 40th wedding anniversary, or a bouquet of stunning red flowers. The nasturtium is the flower associated with the ruby wedding, and a lovely bouquet of red nasturtiums would make a wonderful gift for any couple celebrating 40 years of marriage.

If you are looking for traditional 40th wedding anniversary gift ideas for your loved ones, why not consider giving a ruby necklace or earrings for a lady and a pair of ruby studded cufflinks for a gentleman? If your budget cannot stretch to real rubies, synthetic ones are much cheaper, or garnets are considerably less expensive but have a similar appearance.

Take Red as Your Theme for 40th Anniversary Gift Ideas

There is no need to actually choose rubies as the theme for your 40th anniversary gift ideas. After all, precious gems are extremely expensive, and not everyone’s budget can stretch so far.

Instead, consider taking the color red as your theme, as there are countless fantastic gifts that you can choose that comprise the red theme, from ornaments to personalized presents.

Red is also an excellent theme for parties and family gatherings that you may be arranging for your loved ones, with red balloons, favors, and maybe even a menu with a red theme!


Fun and Unique 40th Anniversary Gift Ideas

ruby anniversary giftsThere are some great ruby wedding unique gift ideas that your loved ones will really enjoy. Why not think about treating them to a vacation in a destination associated with rubies. India is well known for its love affair with this gemstone, with Jaipur being especially linked with gem sales. Why not arrange an organized tour of the country for the lucky recipients, with luxurious accommodation and guided tours of all the major sights for a once in a lifetime memorable vacation?

Personalized ruby wedding gifts are also a great way to give a personal touch to any present. From engraved wine glasses to hand-painted commemorative plates, your loved ones will love to receive a gift that has been specifically tailored to them, with their names and anniversary date engraved, inscribed or embroidered on it. Pretty personalized cushions and pillows, stylish monogrammed red bathrobes, or red embroidered matching his and hers towels are all lovely suggestions for textile gifts, or a bespoke red-framed photographic collage of the happy couple would be another wonderful tailored gift.

Alternatively, for couples who love beautiful and ornamental gifts, why not select a gorgeous red glazed real natural rose, individually hand-crafted and trimmed with a lavish 24 karat gold edging. Each piece is an individual work of art, created in a complex process that takes three months from the moment the rose is hand-picked in its prime to the finished article. This unique token will stand as a lasting testament to an enduring love, and will be proudly displayed in the couple’s home in pride of place in its supplied prestigious leather case.

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