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The Best 17 Year Anniversary Gifts for Loved Ones

While the 17th wedding anniversary isn’t as major a milestone as some other years, it is nevertheless worthy of marking out as a special time in any couple’s marriage. Family and friends can celebrate the achievement of their loved ones by presenting them with meaningful and relevant 17 year anniversary gifts that will touch their hearts and remind them of the special place they hold in their lives.

17 Year Anniversary Gift Themes

It can be difficult to find information about which traditional material is linked with the 17th year of marriage as it is not one of the most famous anniversary years. Nonetheless, there are several themes and customs linked with this occasion and they can easily be incorporated into a lovely 17 year anniversary gift for your loved ones.

The traditional material associated with the seventeenth anniversary is shells, thought to represent the endless nature of love, as they reflect the vastness of the oceans. As the ocean stretches out seemingly forever, so does the love of a happily married couple.

Shells may seem like strange 17 year anniversary gift ideas, so if you would prefer something a little more modern and practical, the more up to date list of materials associated with each year of marriage links the 17th anniversary with furniture. An infinitely practical suggestion, there are lots of excellent furnishing choices that any couple would love and that would adorn the home for countless more happy years.

There are also two gemstones connected with the 17th wedding anniversary – the amethyst and citrine. Both can be found in jewelry and decorative items that will delight the hearts of your loved ones.

17th Anniversary Gifts Ideas



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Rose Heart Pendant

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Gold-Dipped Golf Ball & Tee Set

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24 Karat Gold-Dipped Poker Cards

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Floral 17 Year Anniversary Gift Ideas

The red carnation is the flower linked with the 17 year anniversary, and this readily available and radiant blossom is the perfect gift for any couple who are celebrating this marital milestone.

Finding Great 17 Year Anniversary Gifts for Couples

17 happy anniversaryIf you would like to think of traditional 17 year wedding anniversary gift ideas, you could consider a beautiful shell-decorated ornamental gift for the home. There are many ornate decorative items crafted from shells, for example an attractive shell-studded lamp or photo frame containing a photograph of the happy couple.

Why not extend the theme a little wider and incorporate the sea into your gift? Arrange for your loved ones to spend a weekend at a seaside resort, enjoying each other’s company and reaffirming their love for each other. For a less extravagant sea related gift, a painting featuring a beach or a nautical themed commemorative plate or plaque would be memorable and thoughtful tokens that perfectly reflect the year’s theme.

If you would prefer to go with the modern gift of furniture, there are plenty of options to choose from. Whether your loved ones would prefer a practical yet beautiful ottoman in which to store everyday items, an elegant table or a useful bookshelf, they are sure to appreciate such a convenient yet long-lasting present. What could be a better token of esteem than a stylish display cabinet presented with a stunning glazed rose, created by hand from a true natural blossom and formed into an enduring and magnificent work of art?

17 Year Anniversary Gifts for Her and Him

Amethyst or citrine jewelry make excellent 17 year anniversary gifts for her if you are hoping for a simple yet effective token of love to give your wife on this most special day. If you would like to adopt the traditional theme, present your partner with a pretty shell-studded trinket box filled with messages of love, a love note or even a poem written by yourself to reveal your deepest feelings.

Although shells may not seem an obvious choice for a 17 year anniversary gift for him, a clever and fun twist on this theme may be a romantic dinner for two at a seafood restaurant.

Fascinating Facts About Shells

Although shells may seem to be a dull idea for a present, there are many creative ways to utilize them in your choice of 17 year wedding anniversary gift. There are many different types of shells, from the ones that you can pick up for free on your local beach to those which are commercially sold, having been polished and prepared for sale. Some have even been painted with decorative designs to adorn the home or garden.

Shells have had a surprisingly strong cultural significance all over the world, having even been used as currency in some countries. Often, in history, shells were exchanged in order to obtain other necessary items, especially in the Caribbean and the Pacific Ocean islands.

Some shells are so strong or so conveniently shaped that they have had a historical use as tools. From being used to bale water out of canoes to performing a function as a bowl, they have been adapted to countless purposes, including as oil lamps and as blades and clasps.

Shells are often used to condition soil in horticulture because of their high nutritional calcium content, and are able to be played as musical instruments!

There is a strong religious connection with shells that extends across many cultures from Christianity to Hinduism. Even pagan faiths have found the shell relevant to their beliefs, from the Greek goddess Aphrodite and her clam shell to the use of cowry shells as fertility charms.

Today, shells are primarily used to produce decorative homewares and jewelry items, a practice which has been known since the Stone Age.


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