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Choosing 36 Year Anniversary Gifts for Your Loved Ones

After the milestone of 35 years of marriage, the 36th wedding anniversary may seem like just another year and not worthy of a big celebration. If you have reached your 36th wedding anniversary, you should certainly take the time to reconnect with your partner and reaffirm your love for them by surprising them with a thoughtful and significant 36 year anniversary gift.

If you are lacking in inspiration for ideas for 36 year anniversary gifts, you should take some time to find out more about the themes associated with this year of marriage. You may find that you would like to incorporate some of these suggestions into your 36 year wedding anniversary gift ideas.

Themes and Symbols for the 36th Anniversary Year

While the 36th wedding anniversary is not linked with any specific material or theme in the traditional 1937 list as it was not considered to be a milestone year, the more modern lists of themes associated with every anniversary year from 1 to 100 connects this marital year with bone china.

Adopting this theme as part of your 36 year anniversary gift is a wonderful way to ensure that your present is memorable and meaningful, and conveys a message of esteem and appreciation on this special occasion.

36 Year Anniversary Gifts Ideas



Gold-Dipped Natural Rose

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Rose Heart Pendant

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Matched Set in 24k Gold Leaf Theme

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Gold-Dipped Golf Ball & Tee Set

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24 Karat Gold-Dipped Poker Cards

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Facts About Bone China

Bone china is another name for fine porcelain. It was first invented in the 1700s in the UK by a man named Thomas Frye, and it was given its name from the ash from cattle bones which was used in its manufacture. This method of producing china was not widespread in the UK until the last decade of the 18th century, when Josiah Spode developed the technique further and began to produce his porcelain on a larger scale. Bone china is more expensive and is considered to be more luxurious than other forms of porcelain because of its expensive materials and labor intensive production process. Although it was initially only produced in Britain, by the beginning of the 20th century, its production had spread to other countries including Japan, India and Thailand. Today, China is the world’s biggest producer of bone china.

Choose a Bone China 36 Year Anniversary Gift for Couples

happy anniversary 36thIf you would like to present your loved ones with a 36 year anniversary gift that incorporates the bone china theme, one fine suggestion is a beautiful traditional dinner service. A set of matching plates with an elegant pattern will be much appreciated, and because it is a practical gift, it will be used for many more years to come. A traditional tea pot with tea cups and saucers would also be a practical and yet ornamental present that will see plenty of use over the decades.

A decorative serving tray, presentation plate, or cake stand would also be excellent bone china 36 year anniversary gift ideas for special couples. Alternatively, a stylish bone china vase would make a chic addition to any home, and would be an especially meaningful and attractive gift when presented alongside a stunning glazed or 24 karat gold dipped Eternity Rose. Produced by hand from a real natural rose that was picked at its peak of perfection, each work of art is a lavish and opulent token of love and appreciation that will be displayed proudly for a lifetime.

Personalized Bone China Gifts for the 36th Wedding Anniversary

If you love the idea of bone china as a present for your loved ones on the occasion of their 36th wedding anniversary, but would also like to find a way to add a personal touch to your gift, the perfect solution is a personalized present. It is possible to find commemorative bone china plates which can be hand-painted with the happy couple’s names and anniversary date to mark the day as truly special. Another option is a pretty bone china money box, perfect for saving up for a special vacation, a new car or other large purchase. When it is marked with the year and couple’s names, it becomes a fabulous bespoke gift that will be much appreciated.

Finding a 36 Year Anniversary Gift for Him and Her

When you have reached your 36th wedding anniversary, you may be lacking in inspiration for exciting 36 year anniversary gifts for her. You may want to consider buying a bone china present for your wife to embody the theme of this anniversary year, and you may be surprised to discover that it is possible to purchase bone china jewellery items. Any lady would be delighted to receive a gorgeous crafted bone china brooch, with its beautiful retro appeal, or a pair of elegant bone china earrings with their classic design. Give your wife an extra surprise by presenting your gift in a matching bone china trinket box which can grace her dressing table for many more years.

Bone china is not the most obvious choice when you are thinking of finding the perfect 36 year anniversary gift for him. With its feminine appeal and floral patterning on many fine china gifts, it can be hard to find something suitable for a man. However, if you would like to include the theme of this anniversary year into your gift for your husband, you could always choose a china mug, perhaps personalized with his name or a personal message of love to reaffirm your feelings for him on this special anniversary occasion.

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