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Finding Special 39 Year Anniversary Gifts for Loved Ones

As the 39th year anniversary approaches, it may be tempting to hold off with the celebrations and wait for the huge milestone of the ruby wedding on the 40th wedding anniversary. Yet you should never miss out on the chance to show your spouse how much they are loved. Surprising them with 39 year anniversary gifts that come from the heart will remind your husband or wife of the happy times that you have shared over almost four decades, and will reaffirm your affection, even after all these years.

If it is your parents or friends that have reached their 39th wedding anniversary, you will want to demonstrate your love and esteem by offering presents that are deeply significant and memorable to mark the special nature of this occasion.

Traditional Themes of the 39th Anniversary

While the 40th wedding anniversary is considered to be a major milestone around the world, the 39th year of marriage is overshadowed and is not considered to be a special year in the traditional lists that were drawn up in 1937 linking materials with each marital year. More modern lists, however, acknowledge the fact that each happy year of union should be celebrated and linked with a theme, and so the 39th wedding anniversary has been associated with the beautiful fabric lace, thought to represent the beauty and intricate nature of a long lasting love. It reflects the complexity of a marriage, and the weaving together of the individual threads of the couple into a magical end product.

39 Year Anniversary Gifts Ideas



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Rose Heart Pendant

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Matched Set in 24k Gold Leaf Theme

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Gold-Dipped Golf Ball & Tee Set

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24 Karat Gold-Dipped Poker Cards

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Choosing Flowers as a 39 Year Anniversary Gift

Although the 39th wedding anniversary does not have a traditional flower associated with it, floral gifts are still very popular for celebrating couples. A stunning bouquet will always be appreciated, especially if you choose blooms that convey a secret message of love and appreciation in the language of flowers.

Add a clever floral twist on the lace theme to your gift by incorporating Queen Anne’s Lace into your arrangement. This flower, although unassuming, has a meaning of sanctuary, ideal to reflect the safety found in a happy and enduring marriage.

Alternatively, take as your theme the gorgeous white color of lace, and opt for one of the many lovely white flower varieties for your bouquet. White roses never go out of style and will always look stunning in any couple’s home.

Choose a white rose gift that will never fade or die when you purchase a beautiful white glazed natural rose with a lavish 24 karat gold trim. Picked by hand at the height of its splendor, each bloom goes through a 3 month long process which results in a magnificent and eternal memento of this happy anniversary event.

Lace 39 Year Anniversary Gifts for Couples

When it comes to traditional 39 year anniversary gift ideas for your loved ones, why not opt for one of the many lovely lace gifts that can easily be found. Lace homewares, such as intricately worked tablecloths or cushions are sure to be greatly appreciated and will grace the marital home for many more happy years of marriage.

If you would like to surprise your loved ones with an extravagant and memorable present that will create memories that last a lifetime, why not organize a special anniversary vacation to a destination famous for its lace-making? Belgium is well known for its fine and beautiful lace products, and makes a fascinating short break for couples, while the island of Burano in Venice, Italy, is also famous for its complex lace. Either of these would be fantastic places for a couple to enjoy a romantic holiday and reconnect with each other.

Lace 39 Year Anniversary Gifts for Her

Any husband looking for ideas for meaningful and appropriate 39 year anniversary gifts for her would do well to consider clothing as their first choice of present. Lacy lingerie appeals to many women, because of its luxury appeal, but if your wife is a little more reserved, lace filigree jewellery is another excellent choice, while a lace scarf or top would also be greatly cherished and will never go out of style.

Choosing a 39 Year Anniversary Gift for Him

Although lace may not be the obvious choice of 39 year anniversary gift for him, there are still themed presents that you could give. Why not give your husband some delicious homemade lace cookies? These delicate treats look intricate and complex but are surprisingly easy to make and taste delicious. He will be over the moon to receive a present that you have made with your own hands especially for him, and will know the depths of your love for him are still strong, even after 39 years.

Facts About Lace

Many countries claim to be the first to develop the skill of lace-making, but no matter where it was developed, by the time the 16th century came around it was being produced and worn right across Europe, where people were setting up cottage industries dedicated to its production. During the 1800s, missionaries arriving in America were starting to teach the Native American people that they encountered their lace-making skills. There are many techniques to produce many types of lace, and some are very complex and time consuming to make. Today, handmade lace is considered to be special as much of the lace we buy today is machine made.



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