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365 Days of Married Life Together – How to Celebrate with One Year Anniversary Gifts

The traditional gifts for a 1st anniversary should be something involving paper. There are lots of great ideas you can choose from such as tickets for a show, voucher for a spa day, framed print, photo album, scrapbook that charts your first year, or a limited edition of a favourite book. The modern gift for a first anniversary present is a clock, which is pretty self explanatory.
First year anniversary gifts are definitely worth making special, even though finding the perfect gift can be a bit of a challenge. A good way to start would be breakfast in bed, and maybe popping the cork on a bottle of bubbly. Add a single red rose to the breakfast tray and you’re day looks set to be a winner.
Shower your wife with 1 year anniversary gifts throughout the day, because even though this is just the start of your journey through life together, it’s a day worthy of celebration. You’ve both made lots of adjustments throughout the first 52 weeks, so it’s important to remind your spouse how important they are to you. And exchanging gifts on this important day is all part and parcel of nurturing a strong and loving relationship.

1st Anniversary Gifts Ideas



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Rose Heart Pendant

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Top 10 First Anniversary Gifts

  • Tickets to a show – it could be a musical show in London’s West End, tickets to a concert by your favourite band, train tickets to a fun destination, or if you really fancy pushing the boat out holiday tickets to an exotic location.
  • An anniversary newspaper – why not start your own tradition of buying a newspaper on the day of your anniversary? Keep them somewhere safe, and over the years you’ll be able to look back and see how life has changed.
  • A poster of your wedding day – you can easily order a poster of your wedding photograph online, or at one of your local photography shops. Display it on the wall in your home, to remind each other of your special day.
  • A romantic poem – if you fancy yourself as a bit of a budding Shakespeare, then write your beloved a handwritten love poem. If you find yourself struggling to find the right words, there is plenty of inspiration freely available online.
  • A book – does your spouse love reading? Then why not try and find a limited or first edition of their favourite book or author? Or how about a book of love poems or a love story?
  • A journal or diary – this is a great first anniversary gift for him or for her. You could even give it as a joint present, so that the happy couple can start to chart their life together.
  • A personalised dinner invitation – taking your wife or husband out to dinner is always a memorable occasion, but you can make it even more special by giving your beloved a handmade invitation.
  • A packet of seeds – is your life partner a bit of a gardener? Why not gift them a paper packet of seeds? That way your 1st anniversary will be remembered for longer, and just like your relationship, you’ll be able to watch it grow and flourish, with each passing day.
  • A map – chart your journeys on a colourful map, that was given as a gift for your first anniversary. You could also use heart stickers or pins to plan the places you’d both like to visit.
  • A scrapbook – fill a scrapbook or photo album with images and memories from your first year together. Leave some space so that you can both add memories you want to remember long into the future.

A Sexy Boudoir Photo Shoot – Great 1st Anniversary Gifts for a Husband

happy-one-yearThere’s seems to be a new idea, when it comes to finding 1st anniversary gifts for your husband. It’ll take a bit of bravado and daring on your part, but a boudoir photo shoot is certainly going to give you a present that he’ll love. You’ll probably have no problem finding a local photographer (preferably female), who is willing to take these kinds of photos for you, and all you’ll need to do is pout seductively and find the right items of clothes to wear. Find the right photographer and they’ll be only too happy to help you find the right poses, and have all the best software to enhance your image and flatter your body.

1st Anniversary Gifts for Her

Are you looking for a small token of affection, or do you want to make a big gesture with your 1st anniversary gifts for her? If you’d like to stay somewhere in the middle we think we’ve discovered the perfect gift. A presentation box containing a declaration of love certificate, a love poem, perfumed silk red rose petals, chocolates in the shape of hearts, a heart pendant made from a precious stone, and 3 scented candles. Why not run her a bath after a long day at work, and give her this gift to enjoy while she’s relaxing? Top it off with a glass of bubbly and what wife wouldn’t be impressed with that.

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