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Celebrate Your Love for Him with Anniversary Gifts by Year for Him

Another year of marriage, and it’s time to find an anniversary gift for him that will go down in history. One that will be remembered for years to come. Or at least find one that he will treasure, and clearly shows your understanding and appreciation for all that he represents. Finding a present for the most important man in your life can be a bit challenging – it’s not like buying a present for your best girlfriend. If your next wedding anniversary is fast approaching, let’s give you some helpful hints, on what to buy for your guy.
Men on the whole prefer a gift that is practical, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be romantic. We’ve already introduced some helpful lists you can take inspiration from, but you don’t have to stick with convention. We’ll look at some of the more notable anniversary years, and give you a few ideas to match the commonly recognised symbol. Choose to go with our suggestions for each annual anniversary, or feel free to mix, match and swap it all around.

Anniversary Gifts for Him


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1st Anniversary – Paper

In the UK and the US the traditional gift for a 1st wedding anniversary is paper. Why not write your husband a love letter? You can tell him exactly how much he means to you, and how happy you’ve been during your first year together. It’s not always possible to find the time to express these feelings often enough. But this gift will help him remember every day to come. The modern alternative to paper is a clock, so why not give him the gift of a stylish watch.

2nd Anniversary – Cotton

Cotton is the recognised symbol for 2 years of marriage, with china being the modern alternative. It’s easy to find something practical in cotton – try personalised boxer shorts, cotton bathrobe, hoodie emblazoned with his favourite team or musician, and how about something you can both enjoy, Egyptian cotton bed sheets. Or somewhere you can both lie back and relax – a cotton hammock. It might be a bit more difficult to find something made from china for your husband, but maybe a mug with a funny message or a pitcher for his beer.

3rd Anniversary – Leather

Your 3rd wedding anniversary is jam packed full of possible gift ideas with leather as the associated material. Leather is representative of the durability of marriage and rightly so. Buy him a leather wallet to replace the battered one he currently keeps in his pocket, a leather belt, or even a leather jacket. If he’s a bit of a DIY enthusiast you could look for a leather tool belt or bag. If travel is your thing, then there’s always a leather overnight bag or matching leather luggage.

4th Anniversary – Linen, Silk

A safe bet for your husband would be the gift of a silk tie, boxer shorts, jacket or pyjamas. The modern twist for this anniversary is to gift an appliance for the home. Don’t think a washing machine, vacuum or dishwasher is quite what he’d be expecting, but you could always buy him a coffee maker, mini fridge for his beer, or take the opportunity to update his sound system.

5th Anniversary – Wood

annyversary gifts for himFor a traditional 5th wedding anniversary gift give a present that is made of wood. Wooden picture frame, wooden box of cigars, wooden chess set, or a new pool cue. If you think he’d be up for it, and is keen to find a new hobby, you could sign him up for a woodworking course. Or why don’t the two of you take yourselves off for the day, and enjoy a romantic picnic in the woods. Any husbands who are avid gardeners would appreciate the gift of a tree for the back garden, or why not buy a wooden love seat so you can sit together and wile away the hours.

10th Anniversary – Tin or Aluminium

These two symbols that are used to recognise 10 years of marriage have been chosen because they represent strength, but also flexibility. Is your partner an avid poker player? Why not give him a new poker set in an aluminium case? Or maybe he prefers to play other board games, such as chess or backgammon, so see if you can find something that’s also in a tin or aluminium presentation case. Do you pack your husband off to work everyday, with a bag of sandwiches tucked under his arm? There are a wide variety of old fashioned tin lunch boxes you could give to him for this 4th wedding anniversary gift.

15th Anniversary – Crystal

Crystal is another material that might be difficult to incorporate in anniversary gifts by year for him. One possibility is a crystal wine decanter and glasses, if he happens to be a bit of a wine connoisseur. If beer is more his favourite tipple get a beer stein engraved with the date of your wedding or some romantic words. The modern gift idea for this anniversary is a watch. Much easier to find a present that fits the bill for your husband.

20th Anniversary – China

Let’s take the modern route with gift ideas for a 20th wedding anniversary, platinum. Rings, bracelets or necklaces are the most obvious choices. If you’d like to stick with traditional, how about splashing out and taking your husband off on a trip to China.

Ideas for Anniversary Gifts That Are Always Popular With Men

if you really don’t want to follow the crowd and take inspiration from the wedding anniversary gifts by year lists that we’ve already touched on here are the 5 top gifts you can give to your man.

  • Toys and Accessories for His Man-Cave
  • Tickets for a Show or Sporting Event
  • Fan Memorabilia
  • Something for the Other Love of his Life – His Car
  • Wristwatch

Wedding anniversaries are a great time for showing your partner exactly how much you care about him. But rest assured that whatever gift you choose, it will always hold a special place because it was chosen by you.