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How to Choose 18 Year Anniversary Gifts for Loved Ones

When your friends or family are ready to celebrate their 18th wedding anniversary it’s the perfect time to show them how much you care. Often we take our loved ones for granted, but a special occasion such as this allows us the opportunity to reveal our true feelings and remind the happy couple of how much they are loved and appreciated.

If you want to convey your message of esteem to your loved ones, giving the right 18 year anniversary gifts can make all the difference. A symbolic or meaningful present is one of the best ways to demonstrate the depths of your feelings and to ensure that your friends or family members feel really cared about on their special day.

Whether they would love a traditionally themed token or something a little more contemporary, here are lots of great suggestions for 18 year anniversary gift ideas.

18 Year Anniversary Gifts Ideas



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18 Year Wedding Anniversary Gift Origins

congrats with loveIt can be tricky to find out more about the traditions and origins behind the 18th wedding anniversary. As one of the lesser known anniversary years, it can be hard to find themed presents or discover meaningful and memorable options for appropriate gifts.

The traditional material suggested for an 18 year wedding anniversary gift is feathers. This may strike you as very strange, however there are lots of unusual ideas that you can incorporate into a traditionally themed gift if you choose.

Feathers are thought to represent gracefulness and lightness. A couple who have been married happily for 18 years can soar through their troubles as lightly as any bird and will fly together in perfect harmony.

There is also a precious gemstone linked with the 18th wedding anniversary – the garnet. These pretty red stones are often mistaken for rubies but are less costly. A popular choice for husbands to present to their wives on this happy day, they make stunning jewelry items that will last a lifetime.

If the recipients would prefer a more contemporary gift, the modern list of materials linked to each marital year associated the eighteenth anniversary with porcelain. Ever a practical yet beautiful present, many givers prefer to adopt this theme for their gifts and present the happy pair with gorgeous china vases, photograph frames or ornaments for the home to reflect this aspect of the anniversary year.

Fascinating Facts About Feathers

Feathers can be obtained from many different types of bird and are found in all different shapes, sizes and colors. With peacock and ostrich feathers being among some of the most popular for decorative purposes, other less visually attractive varieties have found their way into many household everyday items.

Feathers have had a surprisingly wide range of uses since ancient times. Brilliant at trapping heat, they have long been used in bedding and to pad winter clothing. During earlier ages, feathers were used as writing quills and to fletch arrows, and even today they are found adorning fishing lures.

In many different cultures feathers have also played a large part in religious ceremonies. Native Americans have always placed great importance on the spiritual value of feathers, while in South America and in India feathers are still used in traditional medicines.

Most commonly, feathers are used in jewelry and millinery. Even today, stylish hats worn at prestigious events feature feathers heavily in their design.

18 Year Anniversary Gift Ideas Incorporating Flowers

a-gift-for-eternityAlthough there is no specific flower associated with the 18 year anniversary, one of the suggested 18 year anniversary gift ideas is a bouquet of beautiful yellow flowers to represent the happiness and joy at a successful union.

For a yellow floral gift that will never fade or die, give a beautiful yellow glazed natural rose with an elegant 24 karat gold trim. Each artwork has been painstakingly created by hand by skilled craftsmen and is a unique object of beauty that will endure forever as a lasting token of esteem.

Finding 18 Year Anniversary Gifts for Couples

Although feathers in their own right may not seem like very exciting 18 year anniversary gifts for your loved ones, there are lots of ideas that incorporate this theme if you think laterally.

Some cosy feather bedding will last a lifetime and will be much appreciated when the winter comes around. Some wall art that incorporates feathers as part if its theme, or textiles or homewares that feature birds as part of their pattern or design would also be appropriate and symbolic suggestions for a feather-related gift.

If you would like to adopt the modern theme of porcelain for your 18 year wedding anniversary gift for your loved ones, there are lots of beautiful china ornamental items for their home. Ceramic vases, photograph frames, or tea sets are all practical yet beautiful adornments for the marital home and perfectly capture the contemporary theme for this anniversary year.

18 Year Anniversary Gift for Him and Her

If you need to choose an 18 year wedding anniversary gift for your wife, you could choose some beautiful and stylish feather jewelry to capture the essence of the ideal 18 year anniversary gift for her. Alternatively, a scarf or top that incorporates a feather print, or even a fan made from feathers would make a pretty and meaningful token of love.

If your husband is a keen fisherman, a feather fishing lure would make an excellent 18 year anniversary gift for him, while a feather themed piece of jewelry or keyring would create a lasting memento of this happy time.

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