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How to Choose 6 Year Anniversary Gifts

While some wedding anniversary years are famous for their links to a specific material or precious metal, such as pearl for the 30th year or ruby for the 40th, 6 year anniversary gifts do not have a well known association.

Nevertheless, regardless of how famous the material is that is associated with an anniversary year, it is still important to give your loved ones a thoughtful and considerate gift that shows how much you love and admire them.

Choosing the perfect 6 year anniversary gift may not be as simple as it sounds. Many store-bought gifts feel too generic or just plain dull to convey a special message to your loved ones. When it comes to exciting 6 year anniversary gift ideas, you sometimes need to be a little more creative.

Although there are no specific rules relating to how to select the right anniversary gift for your loved ones, some people like to refer to the traditional etiquette associated with classic gifts for each marital year. Other people prefer to use the more modern list of items while still others prefer to look elsewhere for inspiration. You know your friends and relatives well, so you can judge best for yourself which type of present they would prefer the most.

6 Year Anniversary Gifts Ideas



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Rose Heart Pendant

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Matched Set in 24k Gold Leaf Theme

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Gold-Dipped Golf Ball & Tee Set

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24 Karat Gold-Dipped Poker Cards

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Traditional 6 Year Anniversary Gifts

According to the traditional list of materials linked with each anniversary year, the 6th wedding anniversary is represented by gifts made from iron. Another link is traditionally made with the 6th year of marriage and candy gifts.

Candy is thought to represent the sweetness of a 6 year long marriage, while iron is said to symbolize the strong and unbreakable nature of a union that has lasted so long. Many people like to select gifts that reflect these themes to give to their loved ones on the occasion of their 6th anniversary.

Modern 6 Year Wedding Anniversary Gift

The original list of substances linked with each year of marriage was drawn up in the 1930s, and today many of the items on it are thought to be inappropriate. More recently, a modern list was drawn up to replace, or to work alongside the classic materials, using items that were thought to be better suited to contemporary couples.

The 6th wedding anniversary has been associated, in the newly drawn up list, with wood, which is thought to signify the solidity of a 6 year long marriage. Anyone who wishes to use this as a theme for a 6 year wedding anniversary gift for their nearest and dearest could choose a lovely wooden sculpture, a tree to plant in the garden, an engraved chopping board, or a stylish wooden storage box.

Floral 6 Year Anniversary Gifts

The traditional flower which should be given as a gift for the 6th wedding anniversary is the beautiful calla lily, an elegant blossom that makes a stylish bouquet for any anniversary couple. Purple is the color that should be chosen for 6th anniversary gifts, so why not opt for a gorgeous floral display of purple blooms?

Alternatively, a stunning purple glazed natural rose with a lavish 24 karat gold trim makes an enduring and meaningful present for any couple celebrating 6 years of happy marriage. This work of art will serve as a lasting memento to call to mind this wonderful event for many more years of married life to come.

Iron 6 Year Wedding Anniversary Gifts for Couples

One perfect choice of iron 6 year wedding anniversary gifts for couples is a lovely photo frame, engraved with the names and anniversary date of the recipients. A contemporary iron statuette, perhaps representing a couple, or a stylish iron serving bowl for display in the couple’s kitchen are other practical yet attractive suggestions.

For a more extravagant couples gift, you could consider treating your loved ones to a vacation to a place that is famous for its chocolate and candy, such as Switzerland or Belgium. What a memorable way to spend the 6th wedding anniversary, sampling delicious tasty treats in a beautiful far-flung destination.

6 Year Wedding Anniversary Gifts for Her

If you need to buy a 6 year wedding anniversary gift for your wife, you may want to choose a candy related gift. Rather than opting for a standard store-bought box of chocolates, you could search for an unusual candy gift, such as a luxury chocolate gift basket, an unusual shaped chocolate gift like a Belgian chocolate candy pizza, or a gourmet chocolate tasting experience to give lasting memories of the happy day. Alternatively, who can beat the romantic appeal of chocolate dipped strawberries to enjoy together as a couple?

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To capture the modern wooden theme, why not consider some pretty wooden jewelry, or an intricately carved wooden trinket box for storing odds and ends?

6 Year Wedding Anniversary Gift for Him

When you are searching for the perfect 6 year wedding anniversary gift for him, you may be looking for inspiration for unusual ideas. If your husband is a keen golfer, why not think laterally and buy him a brand new set of irons for a fun twist on the iron theme? For a man who thinks he is a wine connoisseur, how about an iron wine rack filled with bottles of his favorite tipple? Or for a man who is an avid reader, a pair of stylishly designed iron bookends will make an excellent and lasting addition to his study.

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