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Choosing 34 Year Anniversary Gifts for Your Loved Ones

One year away from the major milestone of the 35th wedding anniversary, a couple celebrating 34 years of marriage may be tempted to hold off on their celebrations. However if it is your loved ones who have reached this stage in their marital journey, you should certainly take the opportunity to demonstrate your love and appreciation for the happy couple by surprising them with meaningful and significant gifts to commemorate this anniversary.

Although 34 years of marriage does not have an obvious symbol linked with it, it may surprise you to know that there is in fact a theme associated with this anniversary year, and you may wish to find a way of incorporating it into your choice of 34 year anniversary gifts for your loved ones, to embrace the symbolism of the occasion.

34 Year Anniversary Gifts Ideas



Gold-Dipped Natural Rose

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Rose Heart Pendant

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Matched Set in 24k Gold Leaf Theme

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Gold-Dipped Golf Ball & Tee Set

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24 Karat Gold-Dipped Poker Cards

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Themes and Symbols for the 34th Anniversary Year

best anniversary giftFollowing the 20th year of marriage, the traditional lists drawn up in 1937 linking a material with each year of marriage tails off. After two decades, only every fifth year is assigned to a specific substance, meaning that the 34th anniversary has no traditional theme. In recent times, modern lists have been created to link every marital year from 1 to 100 with a material, and the 34th wedding anniversary was linked to opals.

Unlike many other years, 34 years of marriage does not have a particular flower linked with it, so if you wish to purchase a floral gift for your loved ones, you have a completely free choice of colors or varieties. One option is to choose blossoms in the various shades of opals that can be found, to capture the essence of this anniversary’s theme.

Facts About Opals

Opals are the Australian national gemstone, and are available in a whole host of different colors, from the traditional white to green, red, orange, yellow, blue, pink and even black. Opals may be almost completely opaque or beautifully transparent, and the variance in types is what makes this gemstone especially attractive.

As might be imagined, Australia is the world’s greatest producer of opals, the majority of which are found in South Australia. The town of Coober Pedy is one of the major hubs of opal production, and the most valuable opal in the world was found here in 1956. America does produce some of the world’s opals however, and Nevada boasts the black fire opal as its official state gemstone.

Opal has a long cultural history, and during the middle ages they were believed to be lucky for the wearer, and could even make the holder invisible if they were held in a fresh bay leaf. In some cultures, opal is thought to embody the evil eye!

Choose an Opal 34 Year Anniversary Gift

As opals are the traditional theme for 34 years of union, it makes sense to incorporate them somehow into your choice of 34 year anniversary gift for the couple in your life. Although many of the opal items are jewellery, there is a wider range of products available that are suited to couples. An opal wine bottle stopper would be an attractive and practical present to offer as a token of esteem for this anniversary year, while matching opal key rings would be a thoughtful and long lasting present, and a set of beautiful opal coasters can be used every day in the marital home.

White Themed 34 Year Anniversary Gift Ideas

white earringsWhen most people think about opals, the first color that comes to mind is a beautiful, pearlescent white. If your budget cannot stretch to opals, but you would like to capture the theme of the year, why not consider a white colored gift instead?
A gorgeous white natural rose, perfectly preserved in all its splendor in its intricate glaze, and trimmed with the finest 24 karat gold, makes a prestigious and lavish present for any couple celebrating their 34th year of marriage. Presented in a stylish leather case, it is ideal for displaying as a lasting memento of this happy anniversary.

A pretty personalized white cushion, with pearlescent stitching detailing the couple’s names and anniversary date would be a fabulous and personal gift with a bespoke touch to bring something truly special to the event.

Finding a 34 Year Anniversary Gift for Him

The theme of this anniversary year lends itself to jewellery gifts, and it is important to remember that stylish jewellery is not just for ladies, but for men too. Opal cufflinks, rings, or tie pins would all be excellent choices for the husband who wants to look his best. Remember that opals come in a range of colors, so there is no need to feel tied to white – fire opals for example are a vibrant orange, while blue and black varieties can also be found.

Choosing Opal 34 Year Anniversary Gifts for Her

If you would like to find beautiful opal 34 year anniversary gifts for her to capture the theme of this anniversary year, you will find that there are lots of gorgeous opal jewellery items to choose from. Stylish dress rings, attractive pendants or stunning earring sets, all featuring this iridescent gemstone would be fantastic and appropriate gifts to celebrate 34 years of happy marriage. Choose either a plain opal gift or a piece that twins this lovely gem with another stone such as emeralds or diamonds for a magnificent token of love.

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