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A Decade of Married Life – 10 Year Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas

Tin or aluminium are the materials traditionally associated with this important milestone in a couples married life together. Why tin and aluminium, you’re probably asking, so let’s explain……….
Both tin and aluminium are renowned for their pliability, and this quality matches perfectly the 10 year milestone in a marriage. A successful marriage requires flexibility, but at the same time durability, both qualities of tin and aluminium.
The modern equivalent of traditional tin and aluminium is the precious diamond. Any marriage that has lasted through ten years of trials and tribulations must be strong but still beautiful. An alternative gemstone is blue sapphire. The 10th anniversary colour is silver or blue. And if flowers are your thing, then the trumpeting daffodil is the one to buy for a decade of married life.

Special Gifts for a 10 Year Anniversary

If you decide you want to go with something traditional tin and aluminium are not the easiest of gift ideas to choose, but there are some nifty gift ideas just waiting to be snapped up. If you’re looking for something for a couple of friends how about matching tin lunch boxes. A natty idea that’s also a bit if fun. Maybe you think a decade together deserves a special holiday. Why not fly off to Mexico, and fill your luggage with tinware souvenirs? There’s also paperweights made from tin or aluminium, antique toys made from tin, and for all the gardeners or DIY fiends maybe a pair of tin snips or garden secateurs.
Other anniversary gifts such as diamonds and blue sapphires shouldn’t be a problem. Jewellery is the most obvious choice here. Whichever precious stone the item includes, your beloved wife is definitely going to be impressed with this choice.
If you’re lucky enough to be celebrating your wedding anniversary in the spring, then daffodils will be everywhere. You might even have some in your own garden, so serve breakfast in bed, with a bouquet of daffodils picked from your own backyard.

10 Year Anniversary Gifts Ideas



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10 Year Wedding Anniversary Gifts for Him

Does your husband like nothing better than to start his day with a freshly brewed cup of tea or coffee? There are lot of different speciality teas and coffees that come in their own presentation tin. Perhaps a pewter tankard, goblet, or hip flask will be another option, after all this material is largely made from tin.
Diamond jewellery is an alternative, if you’re struggling to find the right gift for him that’s traditional.

10 Year Wedding Anniversary Gifts for Her

10 years anniversary giftsWomen are usually easier to buy for, so if you’re looking for 10 year wedding anniversary gifts for her don’t panic. There are plenty of beautiful and attractive items made from tin or aluminium, that she will happily keep close to her heart. Tin or aluminium jewellery, boxes, cases and ornaments that will grace any dressing table. Does your wife always like to be on time? Give her the gift of an aluminium watch, and she’ll never be late again. No home is complete without scented or aromatherapy candles, and some of them come in some delightful tins. Run her a bath on your anniversary night together, and surround the bathroom in candlelight. If you think she’d like some more accessories for the home how about tin boxes, tin tart trays, pitchers, cups and much more. Spend your evening relaxing with a board game in a tin case. Many of the old-fashioned games now come in attractive tins, so do something a little different and enjoy a bit of friendly competition.

Celebrate Your Togetherness on a 10th Wedding Anniversary

A wedding anniversary is a very important event in any married couples calendar, and the 10th is quite a milestone. Life can be cruel to any relationship, and things can be a little bit harder if you’re married. Harder, but no less rewarding we have to say! The first 10 years of anniversaries pass with celebration, but things go up a notch when you reach a decade of married life. After 10 years you’ll likely already have lots of good memories, and on your anniversary you can look back over them, and plan for some more in the future. You can make your anniversary with a memorable gift, and we’ve got a few ideas to share.

A Night at the Movies

Spending time with each other is an important part of any 10th wedding anniversary. And what better way than enjoying a night at the cinema. If you think this won’t be enough, try adding a dinner date, night in a hotel or maybe even making a short holiday of it all, and travelling to London. watching a film and staying a London hotel for a long weekend. Take a step away from the hustle and bustle, with a night cuddled up watching a big screen movie.

Breakfast in Bed

Start your day off in a romantic way by enjoying breakfast together in bed. If you’ve got kids this might need a little bit of organisation, and help from friends or family. Get the kids off to stay with friends for the night, and make sure they aren’t going to be back until lunchtime at the earliest. Daffodils from the garden, and the exchanging of gifts, a perfect start to the day.

10 Years in Pictures

Gather together some photographs, and together pop them in an album of memories. It’s always fun to look back over old photographs, and relive those precious times and places. Looking at old photos will also spur you on towards another happy 10 years.

Say You Will All Over Again

What better time than a 10th wedding anniversary to renew your wedding vows. After 10 years of marriage life it’s time to make new plans, promises and commitments to each other, in front of a few family and friends. And also a great excuse to have a party.
We hope you’re able to make your day the best wedding anniversary celebration to date.

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