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Let Your Wife Know She’s Special With Anniversary Gifts by Year for Her

Don’t beat yourself up over an anniversary gift for your wife – it really isn’t that complicated to find something she’ll love. Your impending anniversary celebration should be a special occasion, during which you show your wife how much she means to you, and how much you care. Your anniversary gift doesn’t have to be expensive, and it can be big or small. It does however, need to be an expression of your love. Let’s look at some romantic ways you can recognise the years you’ve shared, and those yet to come.

Spend Some Time Together

You are probably both busy people, with full time jobs and a family to take care. All of which leave little free time for you to spend together – just you and your significant other half. Take time out from your normal routine to celebrate your wedding anniversary. If your responsibilities are few, why not set off on a holiday? You might have been lucky enough to remember a fleeting comment your wife made about wanting to visit somewhere – so whisk her off there for the day. While you’re spending quality time together, pop your hand in your pocket and pull out her gift. There are a few anniversary gifts by year lists that include materials, items or symbols that are associated with each different wedding anniversary year – so you shouldn’t have a problem finding something suitable.
Spending time with your spouse is one of the most precious gifts you can give to her. It’s important to slow things down and enjoy each others company, without the distraction of family, work, friends and pets. If you find that it’s really not possible to get some time away then let’s help you find the perfect gift – one that shows how much you care.

Anniversary Gifts Ideas for Her



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Anniversary Gifts by Year for Her

Anniversary Year 1 – Paper

There are lots of gifts that can be given that feature paper. Paper is chosen as the gift to represent your first year of marriage because of the strength that is in its interconnecting fibres. Ideas for a suitable gift include a painting by a local artist, a personalised novel, artisan jewellery crafted from recycled paper, a photo frame filled with memorable moments from your first year, tickets to see her favourite show.

Anniversary Year 5 – Wood

annyversary gifts for herWood represents a solidified and strong relationship, while the modern alternative silverware represents connectedness. Both symbols allow for a wide variety of gifts when it comes to the woman in your life. How about some chocolates in an engraved wooden box, wooden love spoons, a wooden sculpture or carved wooden flowers. Maybe a personalised wall plaque, engraved with a poem or some heartwarming words.

Anniversary Year 10 – Tin, Aluminium

This is really the first important milestone in the list of anniversary gifts by year for her. A decade of married life is symbolised by the materials tin or aluminium. Their pliability is said to represent the flexibility and durability of a successful marriage. And how it can bend without being broken. Suggestions for this important anniversary include game or puzzle in a tin, cookware, picture frames, aluminium watch or jewellery box.

Anniversary Year 15 – Crystal

For the woman in your life there are plenty of options when it comes to finding something that is made from crystal. Crystal is thought to represent the clear and sparkling love that a married couple share. Some also attribute the fact that it needs careful handling for the reason it’s been chosen to represent 15 years. Crystal jewellery, crystal roses, crystal glasses, the list goes on and on

Anniversary Year 20 – China

China is beautiful, delicate and elegant, which is the reason for its choice as a symbol for 20 years of marriage. Here’s a few suggestions: china vase, tea set, photo frame, personalised plate or how about a trip to China, if the bank balance allows.

Anniversary Year 25 – Silver

Congratulations are in order because this is now a major milestone that you’ve reached in your marriage. Silver is associated with the 25th wedding anniversary because of its brilliance and radiance. The options for giving a silver gift are virtually endless – think we’d need to write a book to get them all in. Here’s a few ideas to get the ball rolling……….silver jewellery of course, personalised keepsakes such as silver boxes, plates and cups, and even silver flowers. Eternity Rose create rose blooms dipped in silver, and present the gift in a leather display case. Worthy of anyones home.

Anniversary Year 30 – Pearl

Don’t think there’s a woman on the planet that won’t be impressed by a gift of pearls. Whether they are formed into a necklace, set of earrings, bracelet or part of a ring. Pearls have a certain beauty that makes it perfect for a 30th wedding anniversary gift.

Anniversary Year 40 – Ruby

rose-Anniversary-GiftThe precious stone ruby features in both traditional and modern anniversary gifts by year lists. Suggestions will inevitably include any kind of jewellery that features a ruby, but you could also choose a ruby coloured vase or bowl, or a painting that incorporates rubies in its design.

Anniversary Year 50 – Gold

The precious metal gold is linked with 50 years of marriage. Half a century of married life and a gift that represents wealth and optimism. Gold is also recognised for its strength, beauty and resistance to corrosion. What can we suggest for a 50th wedding anniversary gift? Do you really need our help with this one? Just incase why not try: jewellery, gold flowers, gold trinket box or gold dress.

Anniversary Year 60 – Diamond

Diamonds are a girls best friend, and this still holds true today. Buy your girl a diamond and she’ll love you for ever. They are the most popular stone used in jewellery, and are known for being one of the strongest materials on earth, while also being one of the most beautiful.