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Choosing 26 Year Anniversary Gifts for Your Loved Ones

After the excitement of the silver wedding anniversary at 25 years of marriage, the 26th wedding anniversary can often be allowed to slip by without much celebration. However every anniversary marks a milestone in a couple’s married life, so no year should go by without taking the opportunity to wish our loved ones well and to start them on their next year of married life with meaningful tokens of appreciation and esteem.

If you are looking for just the right 26 year anniversary gifts to show your loved ones how much they mean to you, you may want to do some research about traditional symbols and themes associated with each anniversary year and incorporate some of these significant ideas into your present.

26 Year Anniversary Gifts Ideas



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Rose Heart Pendant

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Themes for the 26th Anniversary Year

happy 26th wedding anniversaryAfter the 20th year of marriage only every fifth year has a particular traditional material associated with it, however in contemporary lists that have been drawn up linking a particular theme with every anniversary year, the 26th marital year has been connected with artworks. This is one of the easier anniversary years to purchase gifts for as there is a wide range of beautiful styles of artwork for the happy couple’s home, from stylish wall art to traditional paintings, and from photographs to home produced and customized works.

Another material linked with the 26th wedding anniversary is jade. Whether you opt for an ornament or a piece of jewelry, this beautiful stone is a wonderful adornment and will last for a lifetime of happy memories making it a perfect 26 year wedding anniversary gift.

Artworks as 26 Year Anniversary Gift Ideas

Anyone seeking to incorporate the theme of art into their choice of 26 year wedding anniversary gift will be spoiled for choice when it comes to beautiful ornaments for the home. It is possible to combine the twin themes of jade and artwork by selecting a gorgeous jade statuette which will look wonderful in any room of the couple’s home. A traditional, ornate Chinese jade carving is an excellent choice of token, while other more contemporary jade statuettes are available that may be more in keeping with the recipients’ sense of style.

If jade doesn’t take your fancy, there are plenty of other stylish ornamental gifts that any art-loving couple would truly appreciate. A traditional painting can be hung on any wall in the couple’s home, and will be especially cherished if it is by a favorite artist, or embodies a theme that is dear to the couple’s hearts.

red glazed roseWall art is becoming more popular both inside and outside the home, so one option is to choose a decorative metalwork piece that will liven up the couple’s property.

Ornaments and statuettes can be displayed for many years to come as a lasting memento of this happy occasion, so whether your loved ones would prefer something with a classical theme or a more modern design, there is bound to be something to suit their tastes.

When it comes to decorative and artistic gifts, one of the finest 26 year anniversary gift ideas is an elegant and lavish glazed natural rose. Available in a selection of beautiful colors to match the couple’s home, each blossom has been specially selected for its beauty and splendor, and has been hand-crafted by skilled artists into an enduring token of esteem and love. The happy couple will be left in no doubt about how much they are loved and admired when they are presented with such a prestigious present.

Low Cost Art as 26 Year Anniversary Gift Ideas

If you are lucky enough to have artistic skills, you can easily produce a low cost 26 year anniversary gift for your loved ones. Whether your talent is for painting, embroidery, papercraft or metalwork, you can fashioned your own custom-made piece of stylish art that will really touch the hearts of your relatives with its bespoke and thoughtful appeal.

Personalized Art Makes a Wonderful 26 Year Anniversary Present

Personalized gifts are extremely popular these days, and what better year to choose for a customized present than on the 26th anniversary when art is the theme of the year? A personalized photo collage, portrait of the couple on their wedding day, or hand-painted plaque with the details of the couple’s names and anniversary date are all significant and appropriate gifts that embody the theme of this special year.

Finding a 26 Year Anniversary Gift for Him

If you are looking for a meaningful 26 year anniversary gift for him, one possibility is a pair of stylish jade cufflinks which will act as a lasting testament to 26 years of love. Alternatively, a personalized photographic gift such as a photo keyring or mug would be an enduring reminder of this happy day.

Beautiful 26 Year Anniversary Gifts for Her

If you need to choose 26 year anniversary gifts for her, one of the most obvious ideas is to incorporate the theme of jade into your present. Jade is a beautiful stone and looks exclusive and appealing when made into intricately carved jewelry or a trinket box for your loved one’s accessories. Surprise your wife with a gorgeously decorated box together with a piece of stunning jade jewelry such as a pretty pendant or pair of attractive earrings for a gift that she is sure to appreciate and wear time and again, while she thinks of you with love.
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