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How to Find 19 Year Anniversary Gifts for Loved Ones

With your loved ones approaching their 19th wedding anniversary, the time has come to do your research about suitable and meaningful 19 year anniversary gifts that you can present to the happy couple. While the 19th year of marriage does not have a well known theme like some other years, there are still traditions linked with this anniversary that can be incorporated into presents and tokens of esteem.

There are options that include both traditional and contemporary ideas so whatever the tastes of the recipients, with a bit of thought and effort you can find a 19 year wedding anniversary gift that your loved ones will cherish for a lifetime.

19 Year Anniversary Gifts Ideas



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19 Year Wedding Anniversary Gift Themes

happy 19th wedding anniversaryThere are several themes associated with the 19 year wedding anniversary, with some being more unusual than others. In fact the traditional 19 year wedding anniversary gift is chilli pepper, which may pose some difficulties if you are trying to come up with 19 year anniversary gift ideas. There is a school of thought that suggests that chilli peppers are linked to this anniversary year as a reminder to keep the relationship interesting by spicing it up!

The modern material linked with the 19th wedding anniversary is bronze, and if you feel that your loved ones would appreciate a gift made from this beautiful and strong metal, there are several great ideas you could choose from, including bronze statuettes, wind chimes, door knockers or bronze vases.

Fascinating Facts About Chilli Peppers

The fruit of the capsicum plant, chilli peppers are known for their hot and spicy nature, although different varieties can be more powerful than others. Originally grown in the Americas, they were found in widespread use across the world by the 16th century both as a medicine and to flavor food. Today, India produces more chillis than any other country in the world, and they feature heavily in Asian cuisine.

Chillis are known to have been used in food preparation since 7500 BC, and today they are commonly found in meals all over the world, whether in their dried, powdered or fresh form. Some varieties are so hot that they cause severe pain when eaten – the Carolina Reaper chilli measures 1,569,300 on the Scoville Scale.

As well as being used in foods, chillis can also form a part of certain medicinal treatments including those for arthritis and headaches. They are also a major component in defence pepper sprays and in products used to protect crops from damage by animals in Asian and African countries.

19 Year Anniversary Gift Ideas Using Flowers

One of the suggested ideas for a good 19 year anniversary gift for celebrating couples is a bouquet of roses, conveying a message of love and esteem to the recipients. For a longer lasting rose themed gift, why not give a stunning 24 karat gold-dipped or silver-dipped rose to your loved ones, perfectly portraying your feelings of love and appreciation in a lasting reminder of this happy event? With each item being produced by hand from a true natural rose, it is a unique and elegant symbol of an undying love.

Finding Great 19 Year Anniversary Gifts for Couples

As the traditional 19 year wedding anniversary gift theme is chilli peppers, why not consider giving the happy couple a pretty chilli plant to grow in their own window box or garden? Many chilli plants are considered to be ornamental, and can flourish and grow for a lifetime as well as supplying tasty chillis to flavor delicious meals prepared together.

For adventurous couples, a chilli tasting experience could be the perfect gift idea. Your loved ones will enjoy spending time together and participating in an activity that they would otherwise have never experienced.

A chilli themed gift lends itself perfectly to kitchen related presents, and if the recipients consider themselves to be gourmets and aficionados of exotic foods, why not give a chilli making kit, a spice rack or a new set of high quality cookware together with some chillis to use in making a romantic meal for two?

Choosing an 19 Year Anniversary Gift for Him and Her

Finding a 19 year anniversary gift for him may be tricky if you wish to pursue the traditional chilli theme, however if you use creative thinking, you may well come up with a clever twist on the classic ideas.

Why not arrange for a meal for two at a Mexican or Asian restaurant where they serve spicy cuisine? The perfect opportunity to spend some quality time together, this would be a lovely way to mark the occasion of your 19th anniversary with a memorable and significant gift.

Finding 19 year anniversary gifts for her need not be as troublesome as you may expect if you consider giving your wife a box of chilli chocolates. These gourmet treats are incredibly delicious and luxurious, making them a wonderful way to symbolically mark this occasion with a themed twist on a classic anniversary gift.

If your wife prefers jewelry, you may want to know that aquamarine is the gemstone linked with 19 years of marriage. A stunning aquamarine ring, bracelet, pendant or pair of earrings are the ideal lasting memento of this special event and will be truly appreciated by your spouse. Alternatively, if you prefer the modern theme of bronze, some beautiful bronze jewelry would also be an appropriate and cherished token symbolizing your undying adoration.

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