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The Benefits of Giving Unusual Gifts

Birthdays, anniversaries and weddings are all important occasions in the lives of our friends and family, and offer opportunities for you to show how much you care. Choosing the right gift to mark each event is the perfect way to reveal the depths of your affection and esteem, but how do you know which gift to select?

There are lots of gifts available in stores, but not all of them give the same heartfelt and meaningful messages to the recipient. Giving unusual gifts shows that you have really put thought into choosing a perfect present for your loved ones, and have taken time to consider what they would truly appreciate.

Luckily, there are all kinds of exciting unusual gifts that will really surprise your friends and family. From lovely handmade gifts to personalized items, these simple suggestions will supply you with lots of inspiring ideas.

Unusual Anniversary Gifts Ideas



Gold-Dipped Natural Rose

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Rose Heart Pendant

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Matched Set in 24k Gold Leaf Theme

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Gold-Dipped Golf Ball & Tee Set

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24 Karat Gold-Dipped Poker Cards

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Finding Unusual Anniversary Gifts

Unusual anniversary gifts are the perfect way to show your love and appreciation for your loved ones. Each anniversary is a milestone in a couple’s life, and should be celebrated in style. So providing them with a present that will supply them with wonderful memories for years to come, or gifting a beautiful token that will stand as a lasting memento of the occasion will demonstrate your esteem.

For couples whose home is their castle, a stunning decorative gift is the perfect enduring symbol of their happy marriage. A handmade glazed rose is the perfect gift for a couple who appreciate art and beauty. Capturing the splendour of a real natural rose, each hand-picked blossom is beautifully glazed and trimmed with a pure 4 karat gold edging for an opulent appearance. When presented in a stylish leather display case, it makes a gorgeous gift perfect to grace any couple’s mantelpiece.
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Alternatively, for a pair who already have everything they need for their home, an experience day or weekend is a great gift. With countless options available, from delicious chocolate making courses to flying lessons, and from parachute jumps to opportunities to be a zookeeper for the day, there are vast numbers of fun experiences for your loved ones to enjoy together. What better way to furnish them with more happy memories of their married life together?

The Joy of Unusual Wedding Gifts

Wedding gifts have a tendency to be rather dull and traditional. Tea towels, cutlery and toasters all have their place, but in today’s modern society, couples have often been together for a long time before their wedding day and have already acquired all the household goods that they need. Rather than give them a surplus of items that they already have, consider giving unusual wedding gifts instead.

Fun personalized gifts are a great idea, and show that you have spent time tailoring a bespoke gift especially for their big day. From personalized cushions and pillows to beautiful acrylic blocks or commemorative plaques, there are lots of ways to convey your personal messages to the happy couple to mark the event of their wedding. Some of the more unusual personalized gifts include personalized clothes hangers, inscribed with Mr and Mrs and their surname. Practical and fun, these make unique gifts that the wedding pair will really appreciate. Alternatively, a personalized wedding memory box is a wonderful way to preserve the mementos of this once in a lifetime occasion.

Give Your Loved Ones Unusual Birthday Gifts

Anniversary-GiftsYour friends and loved ones will be delighted to receive unusual birthday gifts that are a bit out of the ordinary. Chocolates and flowers are all very well, but sometimes it’s nice to receive a present that offers something a little different to the standard fare. The more unique a gift is, the more it shows that you have dedicated time and effort to finding something truly perfect.

A personalized recreated newspaper from the day that they were born is a special way to mark the day, or a commemorative birth date plaque with fun facts about events that took place on your date of birth.

A handmade or homemade present is a wonderful way to show how much you care, so why not put together a gourmet hamper from home-baked cakes, cookies and sweets to delight the recipient, or a photo frame, decorated yourself using sequins, buttons, paints or other materials.

Perhaps you’d prefer to buy a handmade unique birthday gift for your loved one. A gorgeous handmade and individually crafted pendant formed from a true natural miniature rose is a stylish gift for an elegant lady in your life. Trimmed with pure 24 karat gold, and available in a selection of colors, each necklace is a wonderfully individual token to present to any woman celebrating her birthday, and will be genuinely appreciated by anyone with an eye for art and beautiful jewelry.