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Finding Special 13 Year Anniversary Gifts for Loved Ones

When the 13th anniversary comes around for your friends or family members, you will want to celebrate with them by choosing special 13 year anniversary gifts. Whether your loved ones prefer classic, traditional or symbolic presents or would prefer something with a more contemporary twist, there are lots of inspiring ideas for tokens that they are sure to appreciate.

Although 13 years together is not one of the most recognized milestones in the marital journey, it is still a time worthy of celebration, and forms the perfect opportunity for friends and family to show how much the couple mean to them through the giving of a heartfelt gift.

For couples, it raises the ideal chance to reaffirm their feelings for each other, and to convey the message of love that so often gets lost in the bustle of everyday life.

13 Year Anniversary Gifts Ideas



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Rose Heart Pendant

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Traditional Themes of the 13th Anniversary

13th wedding anniversaryIn the past, anniversaries were not as widely celebrated as they are today, and only certain years had specific materials associated with them. Before the 20th century, another year of marriage would only be simply acknowledged by the couple themselves, however in 1937 an official list was drawn up which associated different materials with each year of marriage. This made finding gifts for loved ones much easier, and also made it simple to find a meaningful present with a symbolic appeal.

The 13th year of marriage was linked in this list with lace, thought to represent the intricate beauty of a long-lived love. As lace is beautifully worked to make a gorgeous and complex pattern, so a marriage is woven together resulting in a magical and intricate fabric.

Facts About Lace

Lace has a long and complex history, with many countries laying claim to having invented this amazingly intricate fabric. Wherever it was first created, by the 16th century its use was becoming widespread across Europe, with cottage industries being set up to produce it. During the 19th century, missionaries across America were teaching lace-making techniques to Native American tribes that they encountered. There are many types of lace, all made using different techniques, some of which are very time-consuming to produce. Today, hand-made lace is very special, as a lot of modern lace is made by machines.

Choosing Flowers as a 13 Year Anniversary Gift

Like many other anniversary years, the 13th anniversary has its own traditional flower, which is the peony. Anyone looking for a floral 13 year anniversary gift may want to consider giving their loved ones a bouquet of these lovely blooms which have a special meaning in the language of flowers. Representing fortune in love and honor between a husband and wife, they are a significant and symbolic gift that is ideal for any couple celebrating their 13th anniversary. For a clever floral twist on the lace theme, why not add some Queen Anne’s Lace to your bouquet?

White is the color linked with 13 years of marriage, so choosing gorgeous white flower varieties is another way to capture the themes of this anniversary year. There are many beautiful white flowers to choose from, including white roses which are always classy and elegant.

For a white rose gift that will never fade or wilt, consider buying your loved ones a stunning white glazed Eternity Rose. Created from a hand-picked individual natural rose, each blossom experiences a complex 3-month-long glazing process in order to produce a perfect and eternal reminder of this happy day. With its opulent 24 karat gold trim, it makes a magnificent token of affection that can adorn the marital home for years to come.

Traditional Lace 13 Year Anniversary Gifts for Couples

Traditional themed tokens are still very popular among couples celebrating their anniversaries, so if you are looking for classic lace 13 year anniversary gifts for your loved ones, you can be sure that they will be appreciated.

Decorative lace homewares make a wonderful and lasting token of esteem that will find a place in the marital home for decades to come. A stunning handmade lace tablecloth has a practical use but will also make the home even more beautiful, while a gorgeous lace cushion will decorate the couple’s living room for many more years.

gold golf ball

Lace 13 Year Anniversary Gifts for Her

The good news for any husband searching for ideas for 13 year anniversary gifts for her is that there are countless fabulous lace gifts that any woman is sure to cherish. You know your wife better than anyone, so you are certain to select something meaningful that she will love, so think about her tastes and style before making a final choice.

Lace lingerie is a safe bet for most ladies, with its luxurious and sexy appeal. If your wife is a little more reserved, why not go for some filigree lace jewelry instead, or a lace edged handkerchief? Lacy scarves or a lace top are also popular ideas that your wife is sure to truly appreciate.

Choosing a 13 Year Anniversary Gift for Him

If you are looking for a 13 year anniversary gift for him, lace may not be the way to go! Most men won’t appreciate a lacy gift, but they may appreciate something that embraces the modern 13 year wedding anniversary gift theme of textiles.

This gives you freedom to choose from a wide range of clothing, from high fashion items to a shirt from his favorite sports team. Why not opt for a personalized t shirt for an added personal touch that will convey more thought and meaning than any generic gift?

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