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Finding Special 42 Year Anniversary Gifts for Special Loved Ones

Whether your parents or grandparents are celebrating their 42 year wedding anniversary, or it is you yourself who has reached this milestone, it is time to think about how to celebrate. While 42 years of marriage is no small feat, it is not one of the most well known anniversary years, and many people do not know that it has a theme associated with it.

Nevertheless, finding special 42 year anniversary gifts for your loved ones at this important time is one way of showing them how much they mean to you throughout the year. A meaningful gift is one that is sent from the heart, so take a look at this suggestions for an appropriate and exciting 42 year anniversary gift.

42 Year Anniversary Gifts Ideas



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Traditional Themes of the 42nd Anniversary

anniversary gifts ideasTraditionally, the 42nd wedding anniversary had no theme or symbol associated with it as it was not considered to be a milestone worth celebrating. After the 20th wedding anniversary, only every 5 years was given a specific material, but in the modern lists it has been realised that every single marital year is worthy of celebration, and is linked with a particular theme.

Today, the 42nd wedding anniversary is associated with real estate, which is an unusual theme but may prove to be inspirational for you when thinking of 42 year anniversary gift ideas.

Choosing Flowers as a 42 Year Anniversary Gift

Flowers are always popular, and are one of the most commonly chosen anniversary gifts regardless of the year being celebrated. When your loved ones reach their 42nd wedding anniversary, they are sure to appreciate beautiful flowers, whether as a freshly cut and hand-tied bouquet or in a planter.

As there is no particular flower variety or color linked with this marital year, you can choose freely from any of the wonderful types and shades on offer at your local florist, and select something that the recipients will really love. Choose their favourite blossoms or a range of flowers in their favorite colors, or even an arrangement that will look perfect when matching the couple’s home décor.

For floral gifts that last a lifetime, why not buy your loved ones a stunning glazed Eternity Rose? Combining the best of a flower’s beauty together with the spectacular nature of the finest art, each item is hand-crafted from a single true rose blossom and is preserved in a complex glazing process which results in a gorgeous and enduring memento of this special occasion. With its lavish 24 karat gold trim, it will grace any display cabinet or mantelpiece and will be treasured forever by the happy pair.

Real Estate Themed Gifts as 42 Year Anniversary Gift Ideas

Of course we cannot all splash out on a real estate investment for our loved ones, and if you want to think of a themed 42 year anniversary gift to surprise the happy couple on this special occasion, you may have to think laterally.

Why not consider buying a house shaped token of appreciation for your loved ones instead? A pretty bird house for the garden makes a fantastic gift, and years of pleasure watching the birds flocking to be fed will make it a gift that keeps giving.

A sweet house shaped ornament will adorn the couple’s home for many more happy years, while a gorgeous candle holder shaped like a house will allow a cosy ambient glow to shine from its windows throughout the cold winter months.

Another good idea for 42 year anniversary gifts is a painting or piece of wall art depicting a house. If you are artistically gifted, you could even paint a picture of the couple’s marital home as a fabulous bespoke gift that is sure to touch their hearts.

Finding the Perfect 42 Year Anniversary Gifts as a Couple

42 Year Anniversary Gift IdeasAs a couple, you may want to really push the boat out this anniversary year. Knowing that the theme of this anniversary is real estate, this may be the very time to consider investing in a new property together. As your children have probably left the nest and you may be looking towards retirement, you may want to consider downsizing or moving to a different area. This anniversary, why not have fun planning your move together, looking at properties and deciding what you are looking for?

You may even want to think about buying a holiday home in a favorite destination so that you can enjoy more vacations in all the spare time that you can enjoy following your retirement. There can be no better way to reflect the theme of this anniversary year than by investing in a brand new property to enjoy for many happily married years to come.

Choosing a 42 Year Anniversary Gift for Him or for Her

Choosing 42 year anniversary gifts for her or for him can be tricky when the theme of the year is real estate, however there are options open to you. If your wife loves horses, you could consider investing in a paddock or field so that she can enjoy her hobby, if your husband has a passion for gardening, investing in a piece of land so that he can try his hand at growing a broader range of flowers, fruits and vegetables is a great and significant idea. Whatever you choose, you can be sure that your partner will truly love your choice of 42 year anniversary gift when it is chosen and given in love.


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