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Getting Married For the Second (or Third) Time

Often couples getting married for the second or third time, having already gone through the huge, elaborate wedding event with their first marriages, will opt for a wedding ceremony and celebration that is smaller and more intimate. Choosing how to celebrate their coming together as husband and wife comes down to personal choice. Where some disagreement may arise is if one of them has never been married before and wants the lavish wedding of their dreams. Talking the details through is important.

The following are some things to consider when planning a second or third wedding:
Be on the same page – This, more than just about any other aspect of a wedding, is crucial. Whether getting married for the second, third or even sixth time, the event should be one that provides wonderful memories for both of you. If one of you wants a large, lavish affair and the other wants a small and intimate gathering of closest friends and family, try to come up with a compromise that satisfies both of you.

Work within a budget – While first weddings tend to be extravagant and expensive, chances are couples considering marriage for the second or third time are aware of how expensive weddings can become and want to avoid beginning their married life facing debt. Put a tentative cap on your spending and try to work within a budget so that expenses do not get out of control. Realize that it is about two people declaring their love for one another in front of friends and family, and that for the most part your guests just want to see you happy. That can all be accomplished without spending a small fortune and still be tasteful.

Include children – Second and third marriages will often include children. As long as the children are happy that you are getting married again it can be a lot of fun for them to be included in both the actual wedding ceremony and the preparations. Depending on the age of the children there are plenty of ideas they can contribute. Including your children in the planning, preparation and actual ceremony may make the mingling of two families a little easier.

Book a great photographer – Couples enter into marriage believing it is for life. Despite this being a second or third wedding the same is true, therefore it is essential that you have your wedding day memorialized with great photographs of the two of you. You should avoid the temptation of skipping this essential aspect of your wedding, as couples who do often regret it. If you decide a wedding album packed full of photos is not something either of you want, you should still find a good photographer who can provide you with some great shots that can be framed.

Forgo the wedding gown and tuxedo – If you have both been married before chances are you will want to wear less formal attire but still be dressed up for the occasion. Wearing a full length wedding gown with train may seem a little over-the-top the second or third time around but the bride can still look stunningly beautiful in something less formal. The groom may elect to wear a less formal suit than a tuxedo.

Take the time to honeymoon – With busy lives that involve work and children it can be very tempting to put off any honeymoon plans until things settle down and you can break away from it all more easily. Sadly many couples find that time never comes. At the very least you should get away for the weekend to spend time together alone and enjoy those first hours and days as a newly married couple.