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Worst Anniversary Celebrations Ever

While couples aim to make their anniversary celebrations wonderful in every way sometimes the best plans go awry. Great anniversaries are remembered with fondness but it is often the worst anniversary celebrations that are the ones remembered in great detail. The following are some of the worst anniversary celebrations ever!

Marcia and David

Marcia and David had the most perfect wedding one could ever dream of, and just two short years later, on their anniversary, their entire world was turned upside down. Marcia was an RN and had just gotten off a long shift in the ICU and tumbled into bed, looking forward to being able to rest. David was on his way home but wouldn’t disturb Marcia because he knew how much she needed to catch up on sleep.

45 minutes after climbing into bed Marcia is awakened by an agitated David, and told to get out of bed immediately. Fearing something terrible had happened but still half asleep Marcia follows David into the living room where the television is on. News of a plane crashing into one of the two towers of the Trade Center flashed on the screen as Marcia and David watched in horror. After a few minutes of watching in stunned silence Marcia races back to the bedroom and throws her RN uniform back on, preparing to go back to work to deal with possible casualties. As she is about to grab her keys and handbag David quietly takes her in his arms and tells her that she isn’t needed because there are no survivors. It is an anniversary that is always tinged with sadness not just for Marcia and David but for all Americans.

Jillian and Mark

Jillian and Mark had been married for 11 years, with the last two being a little rough. Both Jillian and Mark had lost their jobs and although Mark found employment again fairly quickly Jillian wasn’t able to find another job. She was at the point of applying for work at a fast food restaurant just to get out of the house and to have some money coming in while she looked for a job she was better suited to. Hours of being home alone had taken its toll on both Jillian and her relationship with Mark but she believed that once she started working again things would get better.

With money being tight Jillian decided she would cook Mark all his favorite dishes for their wedding anniversary instead of going out for dinner. With the table set with candles and their best china, dinner quietly simmering away and the house clean and tidy, all that was missing was Mark. Knowing he should be home in just a short while Jillian ran to the bedroom to change into a dress for the occasion. Just as she pulled up the zipper she heard Mark’s key in the door and quickly walked to the door to greet him. Expecting him to have a big bunch of flowers in his arms, as he had every year previously on their anniversary, Jillian was surprised to see Mark empty handed.

Immediately after noting the absence of flowers Jillian noticed the strange expression on Mark’s face as he took note of the table and her dress. Jillian didn’t have to wait long to find out why Mark was so distressed as he told her he was leaving that night to move in with his new girlfriend whom he had been seeing behind Jillian’s back for the past 6 months. It was then that Jillian had to admit to herself that she had known deep down that Mark wasn’t as invested in their marriage as she felt she was but his announcement still came as shock, making this the worst anniversary they had ever had – and the last one they had as a married couple.