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Why Champagne is the Favored Wedding Beverage

Whether you like the taste of Champagne or not serving it at your wedding reception is traditional. Unfortunately the ‘good stuff’ is expensive but then you only get married once, so why not splurge on a few bottles of quality Champagne. If sticking to a budget is important Champagne can be served to the wedding party and sparkling white wine to the guests. If in two minds it might be helpful to understand why champagne is the favored wedding beverage.

ChampagneChampagne is considered worldwide the wine of celebration. Wine in general has been thought to represent life, love, vitality and a prosperous life throughout the ages. The launching of a new boat or ship is traditionally celebrated by a bottle of Champagne being smashed against its bow. Wedding toasts are traditionally conducted with a glass of Champagne in hand, and everyone raises their glass in acknowledgement of the newly married couple. Couples who elect for a traditional wedding are extremely likely to want everyone to have a glass of Champagne to celebrate their new married status with them.

True Champagne comes from the Champagne region of France, though today many vintners around the world make their own version of this famous wine. While true Champagne is considered a luxury, many of the Champagnes produced in other regions of France and the world are more affordable. Very few people have not heard of Dom Perignon and know it to be a top quality Champagne even if they have never tasted it.

Champagne, often referred to as ‘bubbly’ is said to be an acquired taste by some. As with many wines there are just as many people who do not like the taste as there are those who do. When it is served at a wedding, barring total abstinence from alcohol, guests feel obliged to at least take a sip during the wedding toasts when Champagne is served, even if they don’t care for it.

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While tradition may dictate Champagne be served to everyone at the wedding reception, cost often prohibits this practice. Couples may elect to forgo the tradition for their guests and only serve Champagne at the ‘top table’ while their guests enjoy a less expensive bubbly white wine. It is not uncommon for everyone but the couple to raise a glass of anything but Champagne during the wedding toasts and this is particularly true for those on a very tight budget. While tradition may dictate Champagne be the wine of choice for toasting often budget dictates otherwise.

Champagne is such an important beverage that specific glassware has been designed to ensure it remains perfect to the last drop. Tall, slender flutes with long stems are the glasses of choice with good reason. The less open space there is at the top of the glass the longer the Champagne will remain robust and not go flat. The long stem is to ensure that the holder’s hand doesn’t touch the ‘bowl’ of the glass thereby avoiding heat reaching the Champagne, which should be served and remain icy cold to be enjoyed at its best.

Champagne was often served in large saucer glasses but this glass has now fallen out of favor due to the large exposed surface area of the wine causing it to go flat quicker than if served in a Champagneflute. These glasses, although elegant, also were more likely to induce spillage. The cost of wasted Champagne alone would prohibit the use of these glasses, but when you add in the fact that no one wants Champagne spilled on their wedding attire it is easy to see why serving Champagne in tall flutesis more favorable.Serving Champagne at a wedding is a matter of personal preference. With so many Champagnes available today to choose from it can be a wonderful tradition to embrace