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The Significance of the Celtic Knot

While the Celtic civilization has disappeared some traditions have remained throughout the ages, the use of the Celtic knot one of them. It is thought that the Celtic knot dates back as far as the 3rd or 4th Century which makes it one of the most enduring symbols of all time. Today it is used as a decorative element in many home décor items but perhaps this classic Celtic symbol is best portrayed as decoration on wedding rings. The Celtic knot is classically beautiful in its simplicity, with smooth entwining loops and swirls that appear to go on forever.

The significance of the Celtic knot’s design is that it is a never-ending series of loops, with no defined beginning or ending, unbroken, and therefore continues for eternity. It is often given as a symbol of faith, loyalty, and friendship and is often chosen to be represented on a couple’s wedding rings to show that the love they have for each other is eternal.Trinity There are several Celtic knot designs, with perhaps the most well-recognized being the Trinity knot (or Triquetra). The simplicity of this design, as with all Celtic knots, consists of a never-ending series of loops, the Trinity knot consisting of 3 distinctive points. Although unverified it is believed that the 3 points of the Trinity knot represent the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit which makes this a fitting choice of rings for a faith-based wedding and marriage.

The Celtic Love is said to represent two hearts entwined or interlinked and as is typical of a Celtic knot design it has no defined beginning or end. It is purported to be indicative of the love between two people and therefore is a very popular option for wedding rings today. Due to the design not being particularly masculine or feminine it is a suitable choice for both husband and wife to wear.

Dara The Dara knot, while clearly based upon the same never-ending design as most Celtic knots, is thought to be a modern variation of classic Celtic knot designs. It is thought to symbolize the root system of an oak tree, and everyone knows that oak trees live for hundreds of years. It is a symbol of great strength, both personal and spiritual.

Fortunately for the people of Irish descent living today their ancestors understood the importance of keeping their traditions alive, passing them down through generations. It is this sense of pride in their workmanship and keen sense of tradition that makes it possible for couples wedding today to enjoy the historical beauty of the Celtic knot and honor the past. Craftsmen study for years, perfecting their art, before being able to fashion beautiful pieces of jewelry, carved wooden items and various other items that carry the distinctive Celtic knot designs.

The modern couple may even go so far as to have a Celtic love knot design tattooed onto their wedding finger. As the symbol of eternal love it seems apt to wear a permanent ring that regardless of whether the metal ring is taken off will remain forever. As the marriage is entered with the strong belief that their love for one another will last forever, tattooing of the symbol onto the wedding finger could be seen as an additional layer of true commitment. While it certainly is an option the tattoo has not reached a particularly high level of popularity, with most couples opting for the traditional wedding bands in precious metals.