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Relationships that only exist in Hollywood

When Hollywood portrays relationships on the big screen or on television, it is usually relationships the rest of us find hard to imagine are real.

Here are 10 examples to prove our point:

1. In Hollywood, a character bets they can win over a certain male or female lead. The target of the bet finds out, yet they still fall in love and the wedding is soon being planned. In real life, you would walk away, lose their number and never see them again.

2. Not all wedding proposals are down on one knee on a sunny, tropical beach. Instead, it has been suggested that many couples decide to get married as part of a usual evenings conversation, when the suggestion of a wedding is spoken by one and the other simply agrees.

3. In Hollywood if they truly love you, they forget your dark past. In real life even the closest partners may need to keep some things secret in order to protect their relationship. It is because you value your partner that you are willing to live with the burden of hiding a secret that you know would cause them pain.

Hollywood-love4. In Hollywood, courting your co-worker who is already in a relationship is fun, and always results in love. In reality, it is not acceptable, since there should never be an overlap in relationships.

5. In Hollywood, it is common for childhood sweethearts to have a grand wedding. In real life, it is not so common for childhood sweethearts to be married as they are likely to have shared bad poetry, the experience of braces, and the worst of all youthful inexperience.

6. The scene where a couple has passionate make up sex after a big fight has been overdone in movies. If you and your partner use make-up sex to avoid talking about your problems, or you frequently replace apologising for poor behaviour with post-fight sex sessions, then make-up sex is almost always going to disappoint you. And it just might hurt your relationship, too. The same can be said for make-up gifts. These are meaningless unless behaviour changes in the future.

7. In Hollywood, a grand, romantic gesture or gift in public often wins the girl over. Usually used when you meet a girl who is not interested in you. Just keep pursuing her and eventually you will win her over. Or, if things with a girl end poorly and you want to win her back, you can accomplish this with a grand gestures or gifts. This sort of persistence is supposed to be seen as romantic, when really it is creepy.

8. In Hollywood, love is all you need. Love is a magical force that will get you through anything, will conquer all and means that your life will be free of trouble forever. In reality, relationships need more than love. They need trust, effort, understanding, patience as a minimum.

9. Evenings in Hollywood are spent on romantic dates with your partner, where gifts are given to celebrate the upcoming wedding or the passing of another blissful anniversary. In reality, couples sit at home arguing over what to watch on the television and anniversary gifts may not always have been well thought out.

10. In Hollywood, each couple gets all that their heart desires, without any difficulties. In the real world a good relationship requires two people to compromise their pride and their desires for the best outcome. It means repeatedly proving your support for each other, even during the most difficult times. With this love comes dedication.