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The Most Popular Gifts On Wedding Registries

In the US, many brides to be go online to choose gifts to add to their wedding registry. You may want to add unexpected registry ideas like bicycles and board games, but the reality is that most items on your registry are more traditional, though experience gifts are becoming more popular. Here we list the most-asked-for gifts for 2017:

KitchenAid stand mixer
Top of the list is the iconic KitchenAid stand mixer, a kitchen staple. It remains one of the most popular items on registries each year. It’s a work of art for your kitchen, combining the practical measurement marking on the side of the mixing bowl with fun colours including this seasons purple-pink “Raspberry Ice”.
USD100 gift card to Airbnb
Couples are using these gift cards on their honeymoons or on a smaller trip later in the year. Experience gifts are becoming more popular and guests are liking the idea that wedding gifts can be more personal that bedding and toasters. Also consider wine subscriptions or cookery classes.
Red La Creuset signature red skillet
At least one cast iron piece for your kitchen should be on your wedding registry. It’s a kitchen staple that can be used to cook anything, either on the stove or in the oven since they can withstand temperatures up to 500 degrees, and are unaffected by acids, odours and stains. Try a traditional Le Creuset signature 10 inch skillet in red.
As an alternative, or in addition to a skillet, a Le Creuset casserole pan is perfect for big get-togethers and is very versatile as it’s oven, microwave, freezer and broiler safe.
Vacuum Cleaner
Not the most romantic of gifts, but this is the perfect tie to upgrade your vacuum with one that features attachments for hard-to-reach spots, self-adjusting heads for all floor types plus additional features, such as filters that trip allergens like pollen. Dyson are one of the big name brands to consider.
To go with your skillet, you may want to add a saucepan and sauté pan onto your wedding registry. One of the most popular brands is Calphalon who have a 1-quart saucepan that you can use to cook everything from grains to vegetables to sauces. The sauté pan with lid set is built to withstand heavy use and has an easy to hold handle.
These Calphalon Unison saucepans and the Calphalon Elite sauté pan are non-stick and dishwasher safe, making it a registry chart topper.
Smoothies, soups, frozen margaritas all need a good, powerful blender. A 600-watt motor blender will make preparations easy-to-handle and stainless steel blades are essential. Blenders can be part of a food processor package that chops, mixes, slices, shreds and so much more that requires little or no food preparation.
Sonos Play 1 Speaker
The mini home speaker has a mighty sound, despite its size. Being humidity resistant makes it perfect for the backyard or the bathroom. Have two, and use them as home theatre rear speakers. The Sonos Play 1 speaker streams over wi-fi, not Bluetooth, so the music never stops even if you get a phone call.
Layflat Photo album
Gift a photo album hand-crafted for the newly weds. Made with ultra-thick pages that lay flat when open and with hand-stamped covers, this is a book that will be passed down through generations. Albums can contain up to 70 pages and there’s also the chance to combine photograph with comments and signatures of your guests. This is a chance for the couple to decide how to record their own wedding story.