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Myths About Wedding Gifts

Whilst you may be excited about creating your wedding registry with the gifts you would like to receive, be aware that you may come against some resistance to your choices based on several myths about wedding gifts. Gift givers may also be confused by these well-meaning but ultimately, anxiety provoking notions.

Here we look to debunk the most common myths about wedding gifts.

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Myth 1: You have to register for both everyday and formal china

If you really want a formal china set, then add it. You may just prefer, if your entertaining style is casual, to double-up on your everyday china.

Myth 2: You must buy a gift from the registry

While a gift from the registry is nice, nearly all couples will be charmed by something thoughtful and personal that surprises them.

Myth 3: Trends will never last. Skip them

See trendier items as accents to what you already own. If a trend fits with you and your spouse’s styles then add them to the list.


Myth 4: You should take your gift to the wedding

Having your gift shipped directly to the couple’s home may be preferred, though it is perfectly acceptable to take your gift to the wedding. Having a gift sent directly to the couple’s home saves on transporting gifts at the end of the day and reduces the risk of the gift getting lost.

Myth 5: Monogramming is old-school

Monogramming is classic, chic and is here to stay. It’s a special and personal way of setting your gift apart from someone else’s. Plus, it makes it only for the two of you. Just don’t personalise everything on your registry.

Myth 6: You have a year to give a gift

Gifts should be sent before or just after the wedding takes place. If you do wait a few months to send a gift, the bride and groom will be thrilled no matter when it arrives.

Myth 7: Never register for items that are too expensive

Have gifts at different price points. Guests usually like to handpick items they know you’ll enjoy. They can bundle some of the less expensive items together. For expensive items, suggest these as a group gift from co-workers, schoolmates and friends.

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Myth 8: If you’re already living together, you have nothing to register for

You may not need place settings or kitchen gadgets, but a piece of artwork or a large mirror for your living room, a new front door can all be added to a registry. It may now be the time to upgrade your vacuum cleaner too.

Myth 9: If you’re invited to the wedding, even if you don’t go, you must send a gift

When invited to a wedding, the only rule is that you must respond. Giving a gift is always your choice, though a gift is a kindness, letting the couple know you care.

Myth 10: You cannot add honeymoon activities to your list

Friends and family want to buy you things you’ll really use. If you have what you need, let guests treat you to an afternoon scuba dive at the hotel where you’re honeymooning.

In summary, create a list that caters to your lifestyle, that you and your beloved want and need.