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10 More Things You Deserve in a Relationship

1. A partner who is willing to laugh at life

Life is hard, and if you can’t find a way to laugh about your struggles together now and then, it’s going to be a pretty grim relationship. Your partner may have a totally different sense of humour than you, but they should still make you laugh and smile. Loving someone means wanting to see them happy, so a happy relationship is normally filled with raucous laughter and silly inside jokes.

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2. A partner who loves your body, whatever size or shape

Your partner’s passion for your body means spontaneous kisses and passionate sex. You should know that your partner loves you and finds you irresistible.

3. Little gestures

Little gestures, such as cooking a favourite meal, downloading the latest track from their favourite band, or brining a little gift back with the shopping, show that you love each other. These little gestures show your partner that you think about them often, and that you know and love them for who they are.

4. Understanding

We each have our own quirks. This can be anything from crying at every romantic movie, or needing to spend at least an hour on the phone to a best friend we only saw that morning. Your partner should understand that is part of who you are and love for each of your little quirks.

5. Someone who doesn’t take life too seriously

Life is hard, and it’s important that you don’t take life too seriously. It is important that your partner is someone who you can let go and be silly with. From dancing in the kitchen to playing games, you should be able to relax and have fun with your partner even when times are hard.

6. Trust

It’s important that you can trust your partner and it’s equally important that they trust you. Your partner shouldn’t worry that you will cheat on them, or that you will take all the money from your joint bank account. If trust does not exist, your relationship will be unhappy until you rebuild trust again.

7. Supporter, not rescuer

You want a partner who will be right by your side to help you save yourself from life’s struggles. If they are a ‘rescuer’ then you may question whether your partner admires and respects you. If you chose to commit to a partner, you must think they are pretty awesome, so support them to fight their own battles.

8. A cheer leader

At the end of the day, it’s the two of you against the world. In a great relationship, both partners are each other’s cheerleaders, offering unlimited support and sometimes quirky little gifts that you know the other will love.

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9. Co-adventurer

The world is a fascinating place, to be explored both locally and globally. A happy relationship involves two people who want to share new experiences and adventures with each other. From staying out drinking to sitting up outside gazing at stars, every once in a while your partner should make you want to stay up so you can enjoy the world and have fun. Those days should not just be for the times before your marriage or only on days where you celebrate your wedding anniversary.

10. Someone who is perfectly imperfect

We all have our flaws, and cannot be perfect partners. Yet each of us should be striving to improve. For ourselves and for the sake of our marriage or relationship.