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Modern Weddings of the British Royal Family

When a member of the British Royal family marries the entire nation is excited to see the ceremony. For weeks and month prior to the big day speculation is rife about what the royal wedding gown will look like and who will be the lucky designer given the task of dressing the royal bride in a gown that will inspire gasps of amazement as she steps from the car. A Royal wedding truly is a lavish national event, and is broadcast around the world, drawing one of the largest television audiences to any live event, out numbering many of the large sporting events.

Princess Elizabeth II to Philip Mountbatten November 20, 1947

At the young age of 13 Elizabeth fell in love with the dashing Philip but of course any chance of marrying would have to wait. Philip did a stint in the Royal Navy in preparation for becoming the husband of the future Queen of England. When the couple finally married in a huge, lavish affair at Westminster Abbey, Elizabeth was 21 years of age.

Princess Elizabeth was attended by no less than 8 bridesmaids and arrived in style in a large procession of carriages. The bride’s dress had a long train and atop her head Elizabeth wore a Royal tiara with a long veil attached. BBC Radio recorded the ceremony which was heard by an estimated 200 million people around the world.

Lady Diana Spencer to Prince Charles July 29, 1981

As the heir to the throne pressure was being brought to bear on Prince Charles to wed and produce an heir of his own. After much debate it was decided that the then shy Lady Diana Spencer was to become his bride. The two married in St. Paul’s Cathedral in what was often referred to as ‘a fairy tale wedding’.

An estimated 750 million viewers around the world tuned in to see the traditional Church of England wedding ceremony, many of them with their eyes glued to the screen waiting to catch that first glimpse of Diana’s wedding gown. They were not to be disappointed. With large puffy sleeves, and a huge billowing skirt with an amazingly long train, Diana walked up the aisle to give her hand in marriage to the future King of England. It was a marriage that produced a lot of rumor before ending in divorce in 1996.

Catherine Middleton to Prince William April 29, 2011

Married at Westminster Abbey, Kate and William had known each other for a number of years before deciding to take the huge step of becoming engaged. The two appeared in public on numerous occasions prior to the announcement of their engagement, and it seemed to the world that this was to be a marriage based on love and mutual respect. Where Diana and Philip had very little time to get to know each other before wedding, Kate and William had met 9 years before becoming engaged.

Kate wore a stunning lace gown that surprised many viewers as the bodice was fitted and had what some considered to be a neckline that was too low for a Royal bride. What no one denied was how beautiful Kate looked as she walked down the aisle to be joined hand in hand in marriage with her Prince Charming.

Should the British Royal family remain in existence after the passing of Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Charles, William will ascend the throne to become King of England. He and Kate have produced heirs of their own to carry on the British Royal family.