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The Facts Behind Long Distance Relationships

In your mind, you may have sworn never to have got involved in a long-distance relationship, yet some things are out of our control, and our feelings about those we meet can change the course of our best laid plans. One day, you may meet someone with similar views, interests and expectations from life that you do not want to experience as a temporary arrangement. Even if they live many miles away, it is possible to remain as partners long-term, more in love than you ever expected. Whilst long distance relationships are not easy, many couples have reported the gift of happy marriages and many years of celebrated wedding anniversaries.

Here are some facts that will help those couples new to long distance relationships:

It will always be emotional

You may be strong and in control of your emotions most of the time, but a long-distance relationship tests you like nothing else. When the relationship is new, it’s easy to feel unsure about everything. You can feel depressed, content and uncontrollably happy over days and it takes a while to accept that these will be constants in your life. One day you will be dreaming about your wedding, the gifts you will list on the registry and much more, but hours later the idea of even getting a first wedding anniversary gift feels remote.

You will learn creative ways to distract your mind

You will likely be working hard, possibly on two jobs, or on academic studies or creative projects to distract your mind from your long-distance relationship. This can help you grow and evolve as an individual and can help you earn cash for all the travelling you need to do so that you can meet your beloved in person.

You have to make a lot of tough choices

The expense of travelling, scheduling to meet up and dealing with those around you asking for the date of the wedding or when you will end the relationship are all tough situations. You both also have to decide in what direction the relationship is heading and how you see your future together in the hope of ending the long-distance nature of your relationship. Many couples have fabulous weddings and long marriages.

Don’t expect people around you to be supportive

Most people look at long-distance relationships as a temporary obsession, so it is not always easy to find someone who understands the problems you have without them telling you it is probably a sign for your to call the whole thing off. Do not listen to them, only you can judge the value and significance of your relationship and how strong a foundation you have for marriage.

In time, you will become assured

You spend time talking, getting to know each other and as you face the toughest of times together, your insecurities and jealousies recede and with every single day that you manage to survive apart, you appreciate the gift it is to have this person in your life.

You can make it

togetherWhen you start a long-distance relationship, you may never actually believe that you can both make it work well for you both. There will be times of difficulty when dealing with the challenges you both face, though these need never be at a level where you ever thing of ending your relationship.

You can both be happy together even if you are unable to see each other every day. If you really do love this person, then no amount of distance or difficulties will ever be able to tear you apart.