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Celebrate Your Wedding Anniversary by Renewing Your Vows

When two people love each other, and are committed to spending the rest of their lives together, their marriage grows stronger with each passing day. As anniversaries come and go and the memory of their wedding day fades a little a way for a couple to bring back the joy and excitement they felt on that once-in-a-lifetime magical day is to renew their vows. A wedding anniversary is the perfect time to stand before their friends and family once again and declare their lifelong love for each other. The 10th, 15th, 20th, 25th and 40th anniversaries are all special milestones and lend themselves well to a vow renewal.

While a wedding is often an elaborate affair that takes months of planning and can be an expensive event, a vow renewal doesn’t have to be as extravagant. Opting for a much simpler, less lavish celebration is typical. The guest list may be considerably smaller and many of the traditional aspects of the original wedding can be dispensed with. A vow renewal is often a casual, relaxed event, and can be an opportunity to have fun in a less constrictive environment.

Some tips for making your wedding vow renewal as special as the wedding day itself are as follows:

set a datrSet a date and book well in advance to ensure you get the perfect location to hold your vow renewal event at. Consider the time of year and the weather. Spring and summer vow renewals can be held outside if the weather permits. Renewing your vows on a beach or in a beautiful garden setting can provide many wonderful memories. During colder months an indoor location should be chosen but this doesn’t mean that it has to be boring. Think outside the box a little and find somewhere that will be fun.
guestsYou don’t need to invite everyone that came to your wedding. Chances are that many of the people who attended your marriage ceremony will not be either able or willing to join you when you renew your vows. Keep the guest list limited to the people you really want to share in this special occasion and try not to feel obliged to invite people you would rather not. Typically gifts are not required but this is a personal choice. Just having your friends and family celebrate this momentous occasion with you may be gift enough, so be sure to let guests know that gifts are not required.
your childrenInvolve your children in the festivities. Children rarely get to see their parents get married and a vow renewal is a great opportunity for them to experience watching their mother and father declare their love for each other in front of family and friends. If applicable have them take an active role in the ceremony. It could be as simple as standing beside you as you renew your vows. This will be a memory that they will have to cherish just as much as you will.
have a great photosBook a photographer to capture the special moments. It isn’t necessary to spend a small fortune on hiring the best available but do ensure you engage the services of someone who is capable and experienced. A family member or friend who is very well versed in how to take great photos of people and is willing to do so is an option if you feel a professional photographer is more than you need. Once all of the photographs have been taken you can choose the shots you want to include in an album that you can put together yourself.

While a wedding ceremony can be fraught with nerves a vow renewal is an opportunity to have fun, relax with family and friends, but most of all it is a time to reflect upon the years you have already spent together and look forward to the years ahead. Make it an event to remember for everyone.

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