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5 Things A Bride Should Never DIY For Her Wedding

A little bit of wedding DIY can make your celebrations unique to you, but there are some things that should not be attempted by the bride. Be kind to yourselves and try not to DIY the following for your wedding:

Your dress

wedding dress

Considered one of the most important parts, the bridal wedding gown is best left to the professionals. As a bride you can be too close to a project, even if you are already a skilled dress maker with a very clear idea of what you want. Attempting this major project could turn into a nightmare and leave you paying more for alterations than you would have paid a dress maker at the start. And of course your wedding photographs will make you cringe at every anniversary.

As an alternative, look for a designer gown that will flatter your body type, enhance your features and do everything to make you stand out in the crowd for all the right reasons.

If you want a bespoke dress, visit a wedding dress maker with your ideas and create something collaboratively, leaving them with all the hard work.

Your cake


If you want a traditional fruit cake as your wedding cake, this can be made in advance and may be possible to make on your own if you have good baking skills. If you want a sponge as your wedding cake then this needs to be made the day before your wedding, which is much too ambitious for a bride. The day before the wedding is the time when a bride needs to relax and be pampered to be completely prepared and her radiant best to enter the most important phase of her life, her marriage.

If you still want the DIY solution, ask your mother, future mother-in-law or a baking friend to make a cake for you as a gift.

Your wedding breakfast


Catering for a large number of people is extremely difficult to manage, even for professionals. For guests, the most important elements of a wedding are the couple, the wedding décor and then the food and wedding reception arrangements. You cannot do the wedding breakfast as the bride. Save yourself from a likely disaster and hire a caterer whom you can instruct how you want things to be.

Even if you want something more informal, like a simple afternoon tea or a mobile hog roast, leave this to a catering team. These people will also clean up after themselves, which is a huge bonus as no bride wants to be washing up on her wedding day.

Your booze


Not all wedding venues allow you to provide your own alcohol for celebrations. Whilst the bar may be one of your bigger wedding expenses, if you are allowed to bring in your own alcohol, you really do not want to turn your wedding party blind with your new husband’s home-brew or your dad’s dandelion wine.

You can always infuse shop bought gin or vodka with sloes instead for a DIY option.


Too much

You may want to DIY some of your wedding stationery, decorations, favours, even your flowers. Don’t take on too much or you will be overwhelmed with work and super stressed by the time you get to walk down the aisle. Pick just few key wedding DIY projects and focus on these, making sure they are all ready well before the big day. Favours to guests and gifts to your bridal party are DIY projects that can be created well in advance.