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10 Wedding Gifts To Buy Off-Registry

In most cases you should try to buy something on a couple’s registry, since it is considerate to buy something they actually want. Sometimes, you may want to go off-registry. This may be because everything on the registry has been bought, or whatever is left is not in your price range. There may not be a registry or you want a wedding gift that is more meaningful, personal and perhaps unique than an upgraded iron, toaster or vacuum cleaner.


1. Monogrammed Dinnerware

Brides can register for their custom dinnerware, with friends and family gifting beautiful monogrammed platters, champagne buckets, napkins rings and more. A monogrammed piece can be customized to coordinate with the couple’s china and is made more meaningful by the option for an inscription on the back.

2. Monogrammed silver platter

A monogrammed silver or silver-plated platter is an entertaining essential for most couples and therefore a great off-the-registry gift.

3. A luxury or fun kitchen gadget

These are items the couple will use or want, but may not have thought to ask for. This could include a popcorn maker, an espresso maker or a Le Creuset Dutch Oven that they can use for decades.

4. Lightweight throw blanket

A lightweight throw blanket with your wedding date monogrammed on it is simple, doesn’t take up much room, and will be used over and over again.

5. Engraved cutting board

So pretty for serving appetizers. An engraved cutting board with the bride’s “new” monogram on is a fun item.

6. Frame the wedding invitation

A fun memory is to frame the wedding invitation that can hang in their house.

7. Donate to a charitable cause

Donate to a charity in the name of the bride and groom, choosing a cause that is important to them. Donating to that cause would be both meaningful and appreciated. This is especially true for older couples who likely already have a home established.

8. Anniversary Wine Box

Present the couple with an anniversary wine box. With wine to be drunk on their first, fifth, and tenth wedding anniversary. If you know what wines the bride and groom enjoy, you’ll be onto a winner with this gift.

9. Home brew beer kit

If the bride and groom prefer beer to wine, a home brewing kit makes the perfect wedding gift. A typical starter kit includes a brewing kettle, bottling bucket, spigot assembly, cleaners and sanitizers, bottle brush, and everything else the lucky couple needs to make their own beer at home.

10. 72-hour survival pack

A 72-hour survival pack provides the bride and groom with nearly everything they might need should they be lost, without power, or facing another type of crisis. Example of contents include a first aid kit, food rations, hand warmers, waterproof matches, soap, large flash-light, batteries, dust mask, and much more. While they hopefully won’t need to use it, having a backpack already filled with these items can give the couple valuable peace of mind. It will save time in an emergency when every second counts.

The bride and groom will enjoy every gift they receive because you took time to consider what would be special to them. Whether you buy from a registry or get a little more creative, it’s time to wrap the gift and get ready to celebrate the wedding and new start at married life for the couple.