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10 Things You Deserve in a Relationship

A good relationship brings out the best traits in everyone, making them happier, more open, loving and accepting. In contrast, a bad relationship can be emotionally damaging. Here we list 10 things everyone deserves to have in a relationship.

1. Someone who challenges you

You deserve a partner who is not afraid to disagree with you, have constructive conversations, and help you learn more about yourself every day. This is because those in happy relationships look up to each other and admire each other. By challenging, you open each other’s minds to new ideas and concepts.

2. Someone who is not afraid to be honest

You deserve someone who is not afraid to be honest with themselves as well as with you. If they cannot get honest with themselves, they cannot be honest with you. Sometimes we need our partners to be honest and call us out when our behaviour isn’t good. This isn’t being disloyal. Your partner is not just your lover, but also your best friend, and honesty strengthens your bond and does not impact on the unconditional love they have for you.

3. A partner in crime

Honesty is a vital trait, but no one needs to be in a relationship with a saint, they’re so difficult to live with. Whether sneaking alcohol into the cinema to covering for you when you lie to your mother about why you’re unable to visit at a particular time, your partner should always be your partner in crime.

4. Freedom

In a healthy relationship, both partners understand that they both need freedom and space from each other to maintain outside friendships and to follow their own hobbies and interests. This freedom is one of the best gifts couples can give to each other.

5. Someone who stands up for you

Couples that have celebrated significant wedding anniversary dates state that though there may be times when you struggle to stick up for yourself, your partner should always be in your corner.

6. Someone who will listen to you

Your partner is happy to listen to you vent over something you find stressful, however petty. Instead of telling you to be quiet, they smile, listen, and make a cup of tea because they know you will do the same for them when they have a difficult day.

7. Someone who supports you in your dreams and goals

If your own partner can’t be your cheerleader, who can?

8. Someone who makes you feel safe

Someone who loves you should want you to feel secure with them, like coming home after a long day where you may feel upset or angry. You don’t want to have any fear at any time that your partner will leave you.

9. Someone whose eyes light up when you walk into the room

This really happens, though it’s much more subtle than the movies and is clear from someone who is always excited to see you. After you have known each other for years, you may not have butterflies in your stomach when you first see each other, but you should still be happy and excited to see each other. Even when you’re in a terrible mood, seeing your partner should make you feel happier.

10. A partner who understands compromise

Communication is one of the most important things in a relationship. A marriage will celebrate many wedding anniversaries when couples feel able to openly discuss anything with each other without fear of being dismissed or shouted down.