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Traditional or Modern – Your Wedding Anniversary Deserves Something Special

Being married to the person you love is something special. And when the anniversary of your wedding comes around, it’s worthy of a personal gift. One year, two years and hopefully many more, each one should be celebrated as a memorable event. Over the years it has become the custom to give presents at this time every year, but finding the right gift can sometimes be a problem. There are so many options available, to anyone choosing wedding anniversary gifts, that it can all get a bit confusing.
Don’t be put off by the many alternative gift ideas available, and choose the perfect wedding gifts by year. There are two popular lists that can be used for some brilliant ideas. Both lists have an item, material or particular symbol attached to each wedding anniversary year. By taking some direction from these time-honoured lists, you’re sure to find a gift that will pay tribute to the strength of your marriage. And find a gift for your spouse that will be remembered and treasured.

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The History Behind Wedding Anniversary Gifts by Year Lists

wedding anniversary giftsThere is no definitive answer to the question, where do anniversary gifts originate, but it is thought they date back to the Middle Ages. In Germanic regions a wife was crowned with a wreath of silver upon reaching a 25th wedding anniversary. Should she be fortunate to reach 50 years the wreath then became gold. Since that time a number of other anniversary years were given special recognition, with their own special gift, a total of 8 in all.
In 1922 Emily Post published a book called “Etiquette in Society, in Business, in Politics, and at Home”, in which she described 8 symbolic gifts associated with 8 anniversary milestones.

  • Year 1 – PAPER
  • Year 5 – WOOD
  • Year 10 – TIN
  • Year 15 – CRYSTAL
  • Year 20 – CHINA
  • Year 25 – SILVER
  • Year 50 – GOLD
  • Year 75 – DIAMOND

In 1937 the list was expanded by the American National Retail Jeweler Association. Every year up to 20 was given its own associated gift, and every 5 years thereafter. The diamond is now a symbol of a 60th wedding anniversary, thanks in no small part to Queen Victoria. When she celebrated 60 years on the throne, the occasion was titled her “Diamond Jubilee”, and the association stuck.

Why Have Certain Symbols Been Chosen?

Once again there is no clear-cut answer. But it is thought that because the gifts chosen are increasing durable, this quality represents the increasing strength of the marriage relationship. Year 1 it is at its most fragile, hence paper. By the time 60 years comes around, the marriage should be pretty much unbreakable, hence diamond.

An Alternative List for Wedding Anniversary Gifts by Year

There are alternative lists you can get some inspiration from, for example each year also has a flower associated with it, and you can take a look at this list right here.(LINK TO TRADITIONAL PAGE, WHERE THERE IS A FLOWER LIST). An alternative, if you want to give the gift of a flower is an Eternity Rose. Everlasting because the beauty of the rose has been preserved by dipping it in gold, silver or platinum. As well as the traditional, modern and flower lists there is a list that allocates a particular gemstone to each passing year of marriage.

  • Year 1 – Mother of Pearl
  • Year 2 – Garnet
  • Year 3 – Moonstone
  • Year 4 – Blue Topaz
  • Year 5 – Rose Quartz
  • Year 6 – Amethyst
  • Year 7 – Onyx
  • Year 8 – Tourmaline
  • Year 9 – Lapis Lazuli
  • Year 10 – Crystal or Green Tourmaline
  • Year 11 – Turquoise
  • Year 12 – Jade
  • Year 13 – Citrine
  • Year 14 – Opal
  • Year 15 – Rhodolite
  • Year 20 – Emerald
  • Year 25 – Tsavorite
  • Year 30 – Pearl
  • Year 40 – Ruby
  • Year 50 – Gold
  • Year 60 – Diamond
  • Year 65 – Sapphire

A great suggestion if you find yourself a bit stumped when you’re looking for a gift for your beloved is an anniversary band. This item of jewellery is used to symbolise the continual love that is shared between two people. It usually takes the form of a ring of gold, silver or platinum, with small diamonds or other stones all around the whole ring. An excellent way to incorporate the appropriate anniversary gemstone into a gift. It is also chosen to complement the original wedding band and engagement ring.

Why Your Wedding Anniversary is Important

On your wedding day you celebrated with family and friends the beginning of your marriage and life together. A wedding anniversary serves to remember the occasion and proclaim your continued love for each other, through each passing year. This is why your wedding anniversary deserves to be marked in a way that is filled with fond memories. Wondering how you can keep the memory of your successful marriage forever close to your hearts? Read on for a few simple, but none the less charming tips.

Save Some Wedding Day Momentos

Many couples save mementos from their wedding day, and here’s how you can use them as part of your anniversary celebrations:

  • Keep the top tier of your wedding cake, to share on future anniversary dates.
  • Melt your wedding reception or ceremony candles down and make them into one, that you can light on subsequent anniversary years.
  • What about your beautiful wedding bouquet? Save it and keep it safe, or dry it so you can bring it for the centrepiece to your anniversary celebration dinner table.
  • If you’ve got a pile of unused napkins leftover from the reception, keep them rather than throw them away. They will make the perfect accessory for your anniversary meal.

A successful marriage doesn’t come without any effort. Both sides of the partnership need to continue to work at the relationship, and one part of being in a relationship, is showing each other how much you care. The giving of a gift is an excellent way to show your spouse that you love them, and appreciate all that they do. We’ll continue to provide you with lots of useful suggestions to make the act of gift giving a little easier.